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N97 Firmware v21.0.045 up for download
Nokia’s N97 has received its latest firmware version – v21.0.045, where you can download it via the Nokia Software Updater. Before doing so, however, it is imperative you make a total backup of all your data on the phone lest Murphy’s Law strikes and something goes awry during the installation process. To update, hook up your Nokia N97 to a computer, launch Nokia Software Updater and begin to update. The […]

N97 And SE Satio Pulled From Stores
With the recent dominance of Apple’s iPhone OS and Google’s Android, Symbian certainly doesn’t want any setbacks, but it seems unfortunate that a setback is what has happened. Reports are filtering that Nokia’s N97 and Sony Ericsson’s Satio have been pulled off the shelves due to quality concerns. Folks who try and buy the N97 online via Vodafone UK are redirected to the N97 mini, which is apparently more stable. […]

Nokia N97 Review
The Nokia N97 is the tip of the spear in Nokia’s smartphone lineup. It is the most powerful, smartest and fully featured phone of the company. It is also the first Nokia phone to make use of a large touch-display and that alone has raised the expectations from die hard Nokia fans that have refused to switch over to the iPhone. And Nokia has put quite a lot of work […]

Nokia N97 Firmware Update 11.0.021
As promised, Nokia’s N97 has just received its latest firmware update 11.0.021 just in time for the long weekend, where it will be available in most regions, and for folks who can’t get it Over The Air (OTA), there is always the Nokia Software Updater to help you stay up to date. There is a fairly long list of changes and fixes available with the latest firmware update, and you […]