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Razer Relaunches Nabu Smartband
The Razer Nabu smartband was originally launched back at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 and since then the company has received a lot of feedback on features that users liked and the aspects that needed to be improved. Razer took in all of that feedback and re-designed the Nabu and that’s why it has now relaunched the wearable device.

Razer Nabu X Joins The Smartband Party
[CES 2015] It was exactly one year ago when Razer debuted their Razer Nabu, being an entrant to the smartband market. Well, now that a dozen months have passed, gaming peripherals specialist Razer has come up with the sequel, so to speak, of the Razer Nabu X, which would be an entry level smartband complete with notification features, the ability to keep track of your fitness, as well as social […]

Razer Nabu Goes On Sale December 2nd
It has nearly been a year since we first saw the Razer Nabu. Back at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 the company unveiled the Nabu, a smartband. The device is different from its rivals because it has been designed to offer the best of both worlds, a fitness tracker that’s also capable of hooking up with a smartphone to provide notifications and what now. Its heading to North America, interested customers will […]

Razer Nabu Will Integrate With WeChat Messaging App
Earlier this year at CES 2014, Razer took the wraps off their wearable device called the Nabu. It looks more like a fitness band rather than a smartwatch, but it is the first wearables effort from Razer to date. That being said, Razer has recently confirmed that the upcoming Nabu wearable will integrate with WeChat, a popular messaging app from China that’s quickly making its way around the world.Given that […]


Razer Nabu Has Tinder-like Functionality To Detect Nearby Users
For those unfamiliar with the Razer Nabu, it is a smartband created by Razer, a company that is known primarily for their gaming accessories and peripherals, like mice, keyboards, headsets, and so on. The Nabu was launched earlier this year at CES 2014, and now according to Min-Liang Tan, the CEO of Razer, he revealed some additional features of the Nabu that users can come to expect.Speaking to the folks […]

Razer Nabu Received A Lot Of Interest From Developers
During CES 2014, we were treated to a new wearables device from gaming peripheral manufacturer, Razer, in the form of the Razer Nabu. The device has been designed to be similar to other wearable devices in the sense that some of the functionality is the same, such as the ability to receive notifications, but has been designed to be much slimmer as the company felt that smartwatches in general tend […]