RAZER_Nabu_2During CES 2014, we were treated to a new wearables device from gaming peripheral manufacturer, Razer, in the form of the Razer Nabu. The device has been designed to be similar to other wearable devices in the sense that some of the functionality is the same, such as the ability to receive notifications, but has been designed to be much slimmer as the company felt that smartwatches in general tend to be bulky and have a pretty bad battery life, which is why the smaller form factor should allow for the device to run 7-10 days before requiring a recharge.

Of course a smartwatch, just like a smartphone or tablet, is only as good as the apps available for it. After all the default functions can only take you so far, right? Well it seems that Razer might be getting off to a great start with Nabu as they have revealed that within 24 hours of open enrollment, they have received interest from over 10,000 developers who registered to help create content for the Nabu.

According to Razer’s co-founder and CEO, Min-Liang Tan, “This outpouring of support is even more gratifying, considering it comes on the heels of launching a project we’ve been researching for the past three-and-a-half years […] With all the applications pouring in, we can’t wait to see just how developers will take advantage of the open platform of the Nabu to enrich user experiences.” If you’re a developer interested in developing for the Razer Nabu, hit up its developer page for the details.

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