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Nao robot climbs a staircase autonomously
Our society seems to be making that shift to the world of robots more and more, but robots are still very much underdeveloped compared to us humans. How do you tell a robot to hold an egg with its fingers with a different amount of pressure compared to say, a dumb-bell of the same circumference? Well, even running and walking up stairs prove difficult – but not impossible for robots, […]

NAO robot charges itself with the NEST
While most people can rest assured that a robot with no power is as useful as a pile of scrap metal, it looks like plans of trying to outwait a killer robot into powering down might not be possible in the future. The folks behind the NAO robot have come up charging station that allows the robot to recharge itself whenever it’s low on juice. Cleverly named the NEST (NAO […]

NAO robot avoids obstacles autonomously
The NAO robot that we’ve seen in the past (having received a sexier body, in addition to playing nice with Kinect) is back in the limelight – thanks to researchers at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg’s Humanoid Robots Lab. The culmination of their work was presented at ICRA 2011, where it ought to be of interest to NAO developers. This particular lab worked on the laser range finder attachment with Aldebaran Robotics, […]

Aldebaran robotics wants Nao to be more helpful in disastrous situations
Japan is the country with the highest number of robots, especially those commercially released ones that are meant to make life a whole lot more convenient and less lonely. Well, the Nao robot has been demonstrated in the past to be able to handle a little bit of soccer, but its developer intends to up the ante by upgrading Nao into a range of robots which are able to traverse […]


Nao robot offers Kinect control
Those who have a penchant for the world of robotics will be pleased to know that the Nao robot (from the lovely French, where you can tell by its aesthetics) might be in its prototype stage, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to roll out in the future since creator Aldebaran intends to release the first batch of Nao robots within two to three years – the downside? That […]

Nao robot receives a much sexier body
Aldebaran Robotics’ latest version of their Nao robot made an impact at the Humanoids 2010 conference in Atlanta, where Nao’s body has been re-engineered to look a whole lot more attractive and robust. It features longer curved arms that just give the bot more space for it to pick stuff up and throw, preferably not at you for forgetting to oil its joints. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that a […]

Nao interactive robot
There is no better time than Nao to get a robot, eh? Pardon the pun, but the humanoid Nao that was paraded at the 2009 International Robot Exhibition (iREX 2009) packs in a couple of cameras to help him see, where he boasts linguistic abilities of English and French while being fully capable of reacting to touch. Apart from that, Nao can also surf the Web and interact with other […]