Japan is the country with the highest number of robots, especially those commercially released ones that are meant to make life a whole lot more convenient and less lonely. Well, the Nao robot has been demonstrated in the past to be able to handle a little bit of soccer, but its developer intends to up the ante by upgrading Nao into a range of robots which are able to traverse rocky roads without missing a beat, making them useful even in hazardous situations. The recent tsunami to hit Japan has been cited as a catalyst for this unprecedented move, and we do hope that this 58cm humanoid robot will be more useful in the future with such noble intentions in mind. Currently, over 1,300 Nao robots are in use worldwide, so perhaps this idea isn’t too farfetched – make sure Nao has a compartment inside it to carry food and water to potential victims trapped under all that rubble. Best of all is, Nao won’t get tired nor does he have a human nose, so any stench or odor of death that builds up will not numb it during its “work”.

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