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Windows Phone 7 Browser Compared To The Competition
With pictures of Windows Phone 7 (WP7) devices beginning to appear, many folks out there are looking forward to getting hold of WP7 devices. While you may not be able to get hold of such a device just yet, some folks out there have managed to get their hands on a unit and have pit the WP7 browser against the browsers on iOS and Android. A video comparison is available […]

Nexi Phone takes the Nexus One clone route
What’s the plural for Nexus? Why, plenty of Nexi, we suppose. Jokes aside, the Nexi Phone you see here is a clone of the Nexus One from Google, where is also hails from the same house that churns out iPhone clones, so no surprise here with their latest release. For just $200 a pop, you will get Wi-Fi connectivity, 3G support, HD video playback (no idea on just how smooth […]

Translation project relies on Nexus One for interpretation
Google Translate is great to decipher the most basic of phrases in another language, but some people are not too happy with it, as DARPA and NIST have teamed up to take real time translation to the next level. This project is otherwise known as TRANSTAC (spoken language communication and TRANSlation system for TACtical use), where they are working on a machine-based translation device that will be used by the […]

HTC Confirms Desire And Nexus One Switching To SLCD Displays
Whispers of such a move have been going around for a while now, and now it’s officially been confirmed that HTC will be dodging the issue of the OLED/AMOLED shortage by replacing the AMOLED display on the HTC Desire and the Nexus One with Super LCD (SLCD) displays. According to the Taiwanese company, the SLCD offers an exceptional natural balanced color, clear contrast, broad viewing angles, and improved power efficiency. […]


There Will Be No Nexus Two Phone
If you’re waiting for a successor to the Nexus One from Google, it seems that it might never materialize, as the Google’s Eric Schmidt has recently suggested that the company isn’t planning on churning out its own phones anymore, despite earlier rumors of a possible Nexus Two. Of course, that’s not saying that the Nexus One didn’t do a good job, as it did raise a lot of awareness for Google’s […]

Nexus One Gets Final Android 2.2 FroYo Build
Many Android users out there are busy dreaming when their phone will be getting the Android 2.2 FroYo update, but Nexus One owners have already had it for some time now, and Google has just released the latest build, labeled FRF83, which appears to be the official version of Android 2.2, and corresponds with the recent release of the Android 2.2 source code. You’ll be able to manually download the […]

Pictures: HTC Wildfire Unboxed
Keen to find out what the HTC Wildfire looks like when it’s taken out from the box? This Nexus One-like device has been unboxed recently, and pictures of it have been posted online. Granted, it won’t be challenging the HTC EVO 4G and Droid Incredible anytime soon, but if you’re looking for an entry-level Android-powered phone, this is worth checking out, as it boasts Android 2.1, HTC Sense UI, and […]

HTC EVO 4G Limited To 30FPS Only?
You might not have noticed this if you aren’t a developer, but reports are going around an artificial limit has been imposed on the screen refresh rate of the recently released HTC EVO 4G. According to the complaints, performance is limited to 30FPS for both 2D and 3D content, despite the phone offering the same chip and graphics processor of the Nexus One, which doesn’t have this issue. Speculation is […]

KT To Offer The Google Nexus One In South Korea
Looks like Google’s move to open its Nexus One smartphone to retail sales could be making the device more attractive to carriers as KT Corp, South Korea’s second largest mobile carrier, has announced that it will be beefing its smartphone line-up with the release of the Nexus One. The Nexus One will first be offered via online stores and will then be expanded through retailers the following month. Aside from having […]

Google Nexus One starts popping up all over
We know that Google has decided to stop selling its Nexus One smartphone online from their own website, and that has only opened the floodgates for other retail channels to bring this Android-powered smartphone to the masses, including T-Mobile affiliate i wireless. i wireless is offering the Nexus One for $300 after a $350 discount as well as a $50 mail-in rebate, so you will just have to make your […]

Google Nexus One handles Quake III with aplomb
We’ve seen Quake II run on HTML5 with pretty decent results, as well as Quake III being played on a Motorola Droid before, but how about id Software’s Quake III making its way on the Google Nexus One sans keyboard alongside a much faster processor? It seems that gaming quality is pretty impressive (deserving of a medal) with a decent graphics level as seen in the video above, where the […]

Google Trying To Attract iPhone App Developers With Free Phones?
Apparently Palm isn’t the only one who is trying to ramp up app development for its mobile application store, as word is going around that Google is actively trying to attract iPhone app developers to develop apps for the Android platform. It seems that a representative from the Android Advocacy Group contacted Texts From Last Night’s creator to establish a relationship, as well as ship a free Nexus One phone, […]

Nexus One Shows Up On Bouygues Telecom Website
Folks who are currently in France won’t have to worry too much about getting hold of a Nexus One as Bouygues Telecom has now listed Google’s Nexus One on its site, making it the first French carrier to do so. Apparently Bouygues will be offering the phone bundled with various data plans, which means that there’s a high chance that the phone will be subsidized. The bad news is that […]

Kidigi FM Transmitter For Your Google Nexus One
The accessories for Google’s Nexus One aren’t as abundant as Apple’s iPhone, but it’s good to see that a company called Kidigi has come up with an FM transmitter for said phone, and it doesn’t seem too bad either. The transmitter allows you to transmit music from your phone to your car’s radio, so you won’t have to do any fancy wiring voodoo in order to you’re the music from […]