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The Nikon D5 Is Now Official
Yesterday thanks to a premature posting by Nikon New Zealand, it seemed that they confirmed the existence of the Nikon D5 and also seemed to suggest that an announcement was imminent. Turns out the speculation was right on the money because Nikon has officially announced the Nikon D5.This is Nikon’s latest full-frame flagship, and one that Nikon is boasting will perform well even under low-light conditions, so if you’re the […]

Nikon D5 Announced Prematurely On Facebook
We have been hearing rumors about the Nikon D5, but the question is when will the device be launched? CES is currently taking place and it seems like it might be a good time as any, but in the meantime it looks like Nikon New Zealand might have gotten ahead of themselves as they have prematurely announced the camera on Facebook.The post has since been taken down but not before […]

Samsung Denies Exit From Camera Market & Nikon Sell Out Rumors
It has been a while since we heard or saw any new cameras from Samsung. In fact a rumor from last month suggested that Samsung would close its camera division, and all of this seemed to be supported by the fact that Samsung appeared to be pulling out of certain markets. There were even rumors that Samsung could sell its NX technology to Nikon.However it seems that all those rumors […]

Additional Nikon D5 Specs And Features Revealed [Rumor]
We have been hearing a fair bit about the Nikon D5 lately and presumably with the constant leaks, an official announcement is around the corner. However if you’d rather not wait, the folks at Nikon Rumors have managed to get their hands on additional information about the upcoming camera.For starters according to their sources, there could be two different models. One will support dual CF cards, the other will support […]


Nikon Compacts With 1-inch Sensors Rumored For 2016
One of the reasons why Sony’s RX100 series has been so popular is because for a compact camera, they come with rather big sensors of the 1-inch variety, which are typically not found in compacts. The end result is a camera that can slip into your pocket, but yet yield images whose quality might not be common amongst compacts.As you might have heard, there was a rumor earlier this week […]

Nikon Brings Back Its Sales Tax Discount
If you’re looking to buy a new camera, you might be interested in getting a Nikon because according to reports, it looks like Nikon’s sales tax discount is back. What is a sales tax discount? Basically upon checking out, a discount will be applied to your final purchase and the amount will be the sales tax that you would have to pay.This means that the camera or accessory you are […]

High-End Nikon Compact Camera Rumored For Early 2016
In the past, compact cameras were usually seen as cameras that you could bring around with you in your pocket, but obviously image quality would not be as close compared to DSLRs. They were also largely more affordable. However fast forward to today, compact cameras are starting to produce images that are almost as good as some entry-level DSLRs.In fact Sony has several of these cameras like their RX100 series […]

Additional Alleged Nikon D5 Photos Leaked
A couple of days ago we reported that photos of the alleged Nikon D5 made their way online. The photos only showed us the front of the camera and if you’re looking for additional images, you’re in luck because the folks at Nikon Rumors have managed to get their hands on a ton of new images of the upcoming device.Like we said in our previous post, for the most part […]

Nikon D5 Alleged Photos And Specs Leaked
Professional photographers if you’re looking for the next big camera that you can buy, you might be interested to learn that the Nikon D5 could be inching towards an announcement, especially in the light of alleged photos ands pecs of the camera that have since been leaked, courtesy of the folks at Nikon Rumors.As you can see in the photo above and below, these are the alleged leaked photos of […]

Samsung Hasn't Sold NX Camera Technology To Nikon
There has been much speculation about the future of Samsung’s camera business, it has even been rumored that the company might shut this division completely to focus on more profitable divisions. It was recently rumored that Samsung had sold its NX camera technology to Nikon but now the company has issued an official statement to clear up the matter.

Nikon D5 Confirmed To Be In Development
The Nikon D4 was announced several years ago and it has since been replaced by upgraded models of it. However if you wanted a true successor, then you probably want the Nikon D5 whose alleged specs were leaked earlier this year. Now we can’t confirm whether or not the specs are real, but in the meantime we do have some good news to share.Nikon has officially announced that the Nikon […]

iPhone 6s VS Nikon D750 In 4K Video Shootout
While our smartphones are great camera replacements as far as compact cameras are concerned, we’re not sure if they’re at that point where it could take on a DSLR, especially given how DSLRs have access to a wider range of lenses, different processors, and much bigger sensors.However in a recent YouTube video posted by Lee Morris of Fstoppers, he has compared the new iPhone 6s to the Nikon D750 DSLR […]

Nikon D750 Users Issued With Service Advisory
Nikon D750 owners, if you’ve noticed that recently the photos you’ve been taking with your camera appear to be a bit “off”, it might not be that your skills have dropped or that your eyes are seeing things. It could in reality be an issue with the camera itself. This has since been confirmed by Nikon who has recently issued a service advisory to camera owners.According to Nikon, “It has […]

This Video Captured By Nikon P900 Shows The Moon ‘Moving’ 
Looks like we have finally arrived at that awkward moment when technology has become so mighty that it is doing things that we could have hardly imagined. One good example of that has surfaced recently, remember the Nikon P900 camera, which was launched in March this year? Well, the optical zoom of the P900 is so powerful that it can show the details of moon craters, seriously!