Nissan NV200 is New York’s official taxi

Movies have dictated over the years that yellow taxis in New York City are an icon, but the future is going to change though, with a taxi version of Nissan’s NV200 van will soon be seen more and more frequently, considering how it has been announced to be the official New York “Taxi of Tomorrow” after the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission, or better known as TLC, voted today in […]

Nissan uses tablet as instrumental panel in new Terra SUV concept car

The new Nissan Terra SUV concept car has something interesting that geeks would definitely fall in love with – this particular ride will rely on a tablet as its instrumental panel, now how about that? From the outside, the Terra SUV does seem to resemble the Nissan Juke although it relies on a trio of electric motors to drive the wheels, while a hydrogen fuel cell stack does the hard […]

Nissan rolls out Kinect-powered showrooms across the US

Don’t you just hate it when you go to a store to buy something you’ve been eyeing for a long time, only to find out that they’re sold out to the point where the display models are no longer available either? Well it seems like Nissan is looking to change that by introducing Microsoft’s Kinect to their showrooms across the US. Basically what this does is that it allows customers […]

Nissan NV200 electric cab to hit the streets of London in 2014

Nissan is widely known for its GT-R sports car but the Japanese car maker has actually more up its sleeve. One example is the van-like Nissan NV200 that has the distinguishing features of a traditional London cab. Poised to challenge London’s black cabs two years from now, Nissan says that its NV200 can eliminate 20% of the capital’s exhaust pollution. The Nissan NV200 will be manufactured in Barcelona and is […]


Nissan LEAF’s battery good enough to power homes

If you are part of the electric vehicle brigade, then chances are you would have heard of the Nissan LEAF by now. This is Nissan’s version of the electric car, and just in case there is some sort of calamity that knocks out power to your home, how about turning your Nissan LEAF’s battery into an energy source? Nichicon has plans to sell their Vehicle-to-Home System “EV Power Station” from […]

Nissan Easy Fill Tire Alert system makes life easier for vehicle owners

The Nissan Easy Fill Tire Alert system could just make life a whole lot more convenient as a vehicle owner, where this particular intuitive feature is capable of handling just about all you can imagine concerning tire pressure – although the act of putting air inside is something else. The US Department of Transportation recommends for you to check your tire pressure, including that of your spare tire, at least […]

Nissan Juke-R, a compact Nissan GTR, enters production

We’ve seen Nissan toying with the idea of using the engine of the GT-R race car on a small Juke SUV. The result of that brilliant idea was not a joke. It was the Juke-R and it was introduced as a concept car. As with other concept cars, it was supposed to be dumped and disposed as a project. But that all changed when Nissan debuted the Juke-R in Dubai, […]

Nissan’s Infiniti electric sedan could be ready in the next two years

Earlier this week at the New York Auto Show, Nissan took the wraps off their Infiniti LE Concept. Now if you liked what you saw, the good news is that the Infiniti LE Concept is one of the few concept cars that will actually be going into production. According to Nissan, 85% of the prototype’s design will be making its way into the final product and it will be based […]

Intel Atom systems headed for 2013 Nissan rides

We have Garmin and Suzuki team up, and the MyLink infotainment system in select Chevrolet models, so why not let Nissan have their fair share of fun as well? It seems that the higher end 2013 Nissan vehicles will feature Intel Atom-powered in-vehicle infotainment systems, where it will most likely appear on the Infiniti range first. This new system that is powered by Intel’s Atom processor would be able to […]

Yellow taxis in New York get Nissan redesign

Just like the how the black cab in London is an icon of the cosmopolitan city, so too, is the yellow taxi to New York. We have seen countless movies featuring this particular ride over the years, and it looks like the scene is about to change after Nissan delivers a remake of the yellow taxi image by introducing the Nissan NV200. While the look might not be much, let […]

Nissan Deltawing project says “Come and get me” to Batman

Nissan’s DeltaWing racecar project is definitely one hot topic where uniquely designed cars are concerned, as it is slated to take part in the 2012 Le Mans 24-hour endurance race. With Nissan as one of the partners in the project, just one glance at it (we have a picture gallery right after the jump) will definitely send your pulse racing. After all, it will naturally be compared to the Batmobile […]

Nichio Maru car carrier goes green

Cars have gone green with the recent introduction of hybrids and fully electric models over the past decade, but what about ships that sail the seven seas? Large cargo freighters are, after all, one of the major sources of CO2 emissions around the globe, so it is nice to see companies do their bit to transform such vessels into a more efficient version. Nissan has recently introduced an energy efficient […]

Nissan introduces self-repairing iPhone case

Nissan is probably best known for making cars, so one has to ask what business do they have making casings for iPhones? Well, it seems that based on their experience in the automotive industry, they have come up with what they’re calling a “self-repairing” iPhone case dubbed the “Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone case”, which as the name might imply, will protect (or rather “heal”) the case when it is scratched.

Nissan LEAF packs enough juice to power a home

I suppose one advantage that you have with an electric vehicle would be the ability to harness the energy reserves of the vehicle’s battery during emergencies – as siphoning fuel out from your petrol guzzler is far trickier and infinitely more combustible, amongst other complications, of course. Nissan’s LEAF electric car does more than just ferry you around in an eco-friendly manner – it has even been envisioned to double […]