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Nokia’s “Social Gift Machine” apparently dispenses Nokia N8s
Most smartphone users on iOS and Android are probably aware of foursquare, which is a popular application that allows users to “check in” to various locations and share that information with their friends. One of the features that makes it so fun is that it comes with an achievement system that can be unlocked, which makes checking in less mundane and more exciting, and in conjunction with Social Media Week, […]

Nokia N8 camera update adds a whole new dimension
Nokia’s N8 has proved to be quite the popular Nokia handset, but while it isn’t popular enough to help Nokia climb back to the top of the food chain, it still has quite a sizeable following. Owners of the Nokia N8 do have their fair share of recommendations to improve its camera, and with the Symbian Anna update for the Nokia N8 being made official recently, you would be pleased […]

Symbian Belle flashed onto Nokia N8
Symbian Belle is the next version of the Symbian Anna operating system, but it has yet to be released officially just yet since Symbian Anna has just started to pick up the pace, meaning Belle is available in beta format at the moment. This has not stopped Symbian Belle from being one of the hotter properties out there, so if you’re interested to know how you can flash Belle onto […]

Symbian Anna download leaked to N8 owners
If you happen to own a Nokia N8, then you might be interested to know that Symbian Anna (which incidentally, has yet to be released), has already leaked out for the Nokia N8 – albeit for a while.Of course, those who have installed this particular leaked piece of firmware update would have found themselves experiencing issues with the installation. Since this is an unofficial update, it goes without saying that […]


April Fool’s: Nokia N8 on Windows Phone 7
There is nothing quite like a little bit of video magic to highlight yet another joke for today (the 3D Monocle being the other), which sees a Nokia N8 smartphone run on Windows Phone 7. While it isn’t exactly impossible for something like this to have happened, it is nigh unlikely, and we are just sitting back to speculate if such a model were to arrive, would Nokia dub it […]

Magazine photoshoot done with Nokia N8 phone
Photography is always a cool way to show off strange uses of gadgets. We’ve previously seen a photographer do a photoshoot using an iPhone, and another use iPads as lighting for a photoshoot. Next up we’ve got a little bit of good news for Nokia’s N8 as the phone was used by a photographer for a photoshoot for the cover of South Africa’s PiX Magazine. With such results, it’s really hard […]

Nokia says N8 has received highest ever pre-orders in history
History is written by the victor, and Nokia, the company that once seemed invincible, is starting to feel the pinch from other smartphone manufacturers for a few years now, seeing their market share decline slowly but surely. With the N8 touted to be the phone which will lift the company out of the doldrums, they might just be right since the world’s first Symbian^3 smartphone has become the company’s handset […]

Nokia N8 raw components do not cost more than $200
Have you ever wondered just how much of your money’s worth do you get with the new Nokia N8? Well, apparently, someone has gone ahead and performed a teardown, where it was discovered that the total cost for the Nokia N8 including a Samsung display is equal to $187.47. Bear in mind that this is a rough bill of materials, so the actual figure shouldn’t be too far off that. […]

Nokia N8 Taken Apart
With the Nokia N8 shipping to eager Nokia fans out there, it shouldn’t surprise you to see that the folks over at iFixit have got their hands on a unit and decided to take it apart. The BL-4D battery is only two screws away from being user-replaceable, which is good news. Other details include the massive Xenon flash and camera modules, which are not removable from the main board. Check […]

Nokia N8 Hack Brings 30 FPS HD Video Recording
A hacker by the name of hyperX has hacked a Nokia N8 to achieve better digital still and video quality. Neither hacks are available at this point, but hopefully they will be released soon for users who want better control over the camera’s 12-megapixel sensor for digital photos and HD video recording for video capture. The digital photo hack reduces the compression. On a given photo, compression turns the final […]

Photos: Nokia N8 Begins To Ship
Considering how the Nokia N8 is a big deal for the mobile phone giant, it’s no surprise that there was quite a bit of disappointment going around when it was announced that the phone would be slightly delayed a short while ago. The good news is that the phone has officially begun to ship, and just to make sure we all get the message that the N8, a phone that […]

Nokia N8 Delayed Until October
This isn’t the best news coming out from Nokia at the moment, but the company has released a statement that the anticipated Nokia N8 will be delayed until October, which is few weeks behind the anticipated end-of-September shipping date. According to Nokia, the delay is due to an overwhelming number of pre-orders, though a delay really isn’t the best way to reward customers who pre-order your flagship phone. Still, at […]

Nokia N8 to go on sale at the end of September
While we have word that the Nokia N8 will debut at the Nokia World expo, here are even more hard dates to get excited, as the Finnish cellphone manufacturer will be selling the device for the last week of September before it arrives at third parties and networks from October onwards in the UK, at least. Currently, vendors who will carry the Nokia N8 include Carphone Warehouse, O2, Orange, Phones4u, […]

Nokia N8 slated for September release, priced at $550
Nokia’s CEO believes that their latest Nokia N8 smartphone will save the company, but you can be sure that this ain’t no iPhone equivalent for the Finnish phone manufacturer if you take early reports on the handset into consideration. Folks living in the US will be able to place a pre-order for the N8 for $550, where it is expected to ship from the end of September 2010 onwards – […]