Nokia’s N8 has proved to be quite the popular Nokia handset, but while it isn’t popular enough to help Nokia climb back to the top of the food chain, it still has quite a sizeable following. Owners of the Nokia N8 do have their fair share of recommendations to improve its camera, and with the Symbian Anna update for the Nokia N8 being made official recently, you would be pleased to know that the camera has also received its fair share of improvements.


Most of the user interface improvements can be subtle, but all of them work together to make your life easier and of course, faster. Settings can be accessed from the main toolbar now, letting you experience a single access point for features and settings. All those settings which are used less frequently are grouped under the settings button in the toolbar. Basically, you require less clicks to get the setting that you want.

Video recording speed has been increased to 30 FPS, while continuous auto-focus is also thrown into the mix. Basically, the additional 5fps delivers smoother video, and noise produced by continuous AF has also been cut down tremendously thanks to a noise filtering system that specifically extracts the noise pattern the piezo lens drive emits from the audio signals. This in no way interferes with the audio recording capability of the N8.

For those who love shooting video, grid lines has been thrown into the mix to help those who want to shoot in the 2.39:1 cinematic aspect ratio.

Guess the Nokia N8’s camera which has been regarded by some to be the “world’s best camera smartphone” has just gotten even better. Just make sure your Nokia N8 has the Symbian Anna update before you can take advantage of all the above mentioned improvements.

Some say that this works great with Symbian Belle beta, while others claim it doesn’t. Which camp do you belong to?

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