Developer/hacker “@deeper-blue” recently posted a video on how he managed to port over the Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system which has been specially optimized for tablet use over to the NOOKcolor. So far, the port isn’t working all that great, although it can boot the OS while controlling the device, albeit with limited functionality. Currently, Deeper-Blue is working on putting the rest of the pieces together, such as graphics acceleration that might just do the trick in speeding up the interface – which is pretty slow at the moment BTW. As for said video, you can view it in the extended post. Here’s what Deeper-Blue has to say about his work.
Graphics acceleration more or less working. The SGX driver seems too old for some buffer request of android 3.0, so right now the statusbar is invisible but still functional. Not sure if I can fix that or have to wait for the AOSP release. What is not working… pretty much everything else, no accelerometer, no wlan, no sound. Haven’t started working on those things yet.

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