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NTT Docomo Launches Phones That Lets The Government Track You
It goes without saying that privacy is valued differently around the world. This isn’t to say that some countries don’t care about privacy, but what they consider to be an invasion of their privacy might be different from another country. That being said it seems that over in Japan, local carrier NTT Docomo has launched five new phones that will let the government track you.

Japanese Carrier Conducts First Real-World Test Of 5G
There are some parts of the world that still don’t have 4G LTE networks while on the other hand there are some that are working hard to go beyond 4G and commercially introduce 5G networks within this decade. Japan’s NTT DoCoMo is one of those carriers, it has actually started conducting real-world tests of its 5G network technology in collaboration with Nokia Network.

Japanese Carrier Seemingly Confirms Snapdragon 810’s Overheating
Is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 overheating? Well if you believe the rumors, the answer is yes and it seems that this has recently been confirmed by Japanese carrier NTT DOCOMO. As you can see in the photo above, it shows a signage that was reportedly spotted inside one of the carrier’s stores.According to the translation of the note, it mentions that phones powered by the Snapdragon 810 could potentially be […]

NTT DOCOMO Will Be The First To Use Qualcomm’s Sense ID
Early this year Qualcomm announced a new technology that they are working on dubbed Sense ID. It sounds a lot like Apple’s Touch ID and rightfully so since Sense ID is also a fingerprint scanning technology. However if it has one advantage over Touch ID, it is that it relies on ultrasound to scan the person’s ID, versus the 2D method which is currently being used.Now the question is when […]


Fujitsu Arrows NX F-04G Uses Iris Scanning For Mobile Payments
At the moment fingerprint scanners appear to be the “in” thing and are used to help prevent unauthorized access to one’s smartphone. It can also be used to facilitate mobile payments like Apple has done with Apple Pay. However could iris scanning could be the way of the future? Well as it turns out over in Japan, Fujitsu has implemented the feature into their phone.The Fujitsu Arrows NX F-04G will […]

NTT DOCOMO Shows Off Its LTE Speeds With A Cooking Demonstration
There are some parts of the world where LTE isn’t as fast as it could or should be. Over in Japan that doesn’t seem to be a problem as local carrier NTT DOCOMO has recently expanded its LTE service onto its 1700MHz spectrum. That being said to demonstrate just how fast their LTE service is, the carrier has cooked up a rather fun and bizarre commercial that involves the frying […]

NTT DOCOMO Changes Stance On Tizen Hardware Availability
Last week we reported that Japanese carrier NTT DOCOMO announced their support of Samsung’s Tizen platform and would carry its hardware as well. That’s good news for Samsung as NTT DOCOMO is Japan’s largest carrier and would no doubt be a boon for them, but unfortunately it looks like NTT DOCOMO has had a change of heart and will n longer be carrying the Tizen hardware. According to the carrier, […]

iPhone Attributed To NTT DOCOMO's Growth In Subscribers
For many years Japan’s largest carrier, NTT DOCOMO, resisted Apple and did not bring the iPhone onto its networks. However as the years passed and their rivals started to offer the iPhone, NTT DOCOMO realized that they were starting to lose subscribers to the competition and started to rethink their strategy. One of the reasons why the carrier had been so unwilling was because of the conditions and obligations that […]

NTT DoCoMo's Tizen Handset Goes Through The FCC
There has been a lot of speculation about Samsung’s highly anticipated Tizen handset. Already dubbed by the company as a “simple alternative to Android,” Samsung is yet to publicly release a device that’s powered by the Tizen OS that it has built in collaboration with Intel. Recent rumors suggest that Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo has been pushing Samsung to release its Tizen smartphone soon, and it appears that the carrier’s […]

NTT DOCOMO Still Bleeding Subscribers Despite Offering The New iPhones
Japan’s NTT DOCOMO was the last of the major Japan carriers to start offering the iPhone, although they did kick that off with Apple’s new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. One of the reasons the carrier decided to sign on with Apple was because they were tired of losing subscribers to their rivals, such as KDDI and Softbank who offered the iPhone way before NTT DOCOMO did. Unfortunately it seems […]

NTT docomo Shows Off A Range Of Working Smart Glass Concepts
[CEATEC 2013] To say that smart glasses might not end up as the next big thing would be an understatement. After all, there has been plenty of interest surrounding Google Glass in the past, and the folks over at NTT docomo certainly has no intention of missing out on the boat. We managed to get hold of a few smart glasses at the NTT docomo booth today, where the first […]

NTT DOCOMO To Offer iPhones Starting This Fall
In Japan, only two carriers offer the iPhone, and they are KDDI and SoftBank. NTT DOCOMO, while being Japan’s largest carrier, has held off from offering the iPhone officially, at least until now where Yahoo Japan has reported that the carrier has finally signed a deal with Apple to sell the iPhone on its network, with the first iPhones expected to arrive this fall, presumably that of the iPhone 5S […]

NTT DOCOMO Reported To Officially Sell The iPhone On Their Network This Year
While NTT DOCOMO might be Japan’s largest carrier, if there’s one thing that they do not have that their competitors do, is Apple’s iPhone, and because of that there have been reports that they are losing subscribers to the competition. Last we heard despite the carrier bleeding subscribers, they weren’t too eager to get the iPhone on their network due to the string of conditions that comes with it, but […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Dropped By Japan's NTT DOCOMO Due To Poor Sales
Japan’s NTT DOCOMO is currently said to be losing subscribers due to them not offering the iPhone in an official capacity, and recent reports have suggested that the carrier is not too eager to bring the phone onto their network due to the conditions that Apple typically asks of its carrier partners. However it seems that not only does the carrier not offer the iPhone, it seems that they will […]