Samsung NX300M Is The Company’s First Tizen Product

We have heard how Samsung plans to launch Tizen-based products in the near future, but as it turns out, they have already done so. If you might recall, earlier in October Samsung announced the NX300M camera which was essentially a minor upgrade over the NX300 and was destined for launch only in South Korea. Little did we know, the NX300M is actually Samsung’s first product that is running on the […]

Samsung NX300M Announced For South Korea

Earlier this year, Samsung took the wraps off their NX300 camera but it looks like they have recently given the device an upgrade, although it looks like the upgrade will be targeted at the South Korean market. The upgrade comes in the form of the NX300M and for the most part, the camera will retain the same hardware specifications as the NX300 albeit with some minor changes that we doubt […]