nx300mWe have heard how Samsung plans to launch Tizen-based products in the near future, but as it turns out, they have already done so. If you might recall, earlier in October Samsung announced the NX300M camera which was essentially a minor upgrade over the NX300 and was destined for launch only in South Korea. Little did we know, the NX300M is actually Samsung’s first product that is running on the Tizen platform which apparently aided in the camera booting up reportedly twice as fast, and also improved its camera performance, which we can’t attest to since we have yet to try it ourselves.

For those who have tried the NX300M or have read reviews and you like what you see and hear, hopefully this camera technology (software side, of course) will make its way onto Samsung’s Tizen-based smartphones, which according to Samsung during their Tizen Developer Summit In South Korea, will make their debut in Q1 2014, although no specific dates were mentioned. The Tizen smartphones are expected to run in Tizen 2.2.1 but will see an update to Tizen 3.0 when the update is available come Q3 2014 which will see multi-user accounts, 64-bit architecture support, better 3D rendering and more.

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