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Office For iPad Monthly Subscriptions Announced
A few months back Microsoft’s popular productivity suite finally made its way to the iPad. The tablet is undoubtedly one of the best selling tablets in the world and is extensively used across both education and business sectors, two sectors where Microsoft Office also enjoys a majority. Today Microsoft has announcement some changes to the way customers are charged for unadulterated access to Office for iPad. They will now be allowed […]

You Can Now Print Documents With Office For iPad
Last month Microsoft finally launched its much awaited productivity suite for Apple’s popular tablet. Office for iPad quickly became one of the most downloaded apps for the tablet shortly after its launch. It brought the familiar look and feel of Microsoft Office to a table that dominates businesses, schools and homes around the world. Though at launch it lacked a crucial feature, the ability to print documents. With today’s update you […]

Office 365 Personal Makes It Cheaper To Unlock All Features On iPad
Office for iPad was finally launched recently. Even though the apps are available to download free of cost, they only allow viewing of documents. To unlock editing and creation features users have to get an Office 365 subscription. Last month Microsoft announced that it will offer a cheaper subscription package called Office 365 Personal. Today the plan goes live. Its great for individual users as it also opens up all […]

Microsoft Word For iPad Makes Top 10 List For Gross Revenue
It seems that the latest Word for iPad app from Microsoft has managed to make its way into the top 10 list on Apple’s App Store “Top Grossing” chart. It is interesting to note that it did not take too long for this to happen, as the app itself was released on March 27th, and arrived on the no. 6 spot in the U.S. App Store’s chart just yesterday Sunday. […]


Possible To Use Office For iPad Without Office 365 Subscription
Earlier this week Microsoft finally launched Office for iPad. The popular productivity suite, made up of Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps, has landed on Apple’s tablet absolutely free, but there is a caveat. Office for iPad apps can be used for reading, viewing and presentation only. If users want the full editing and composing power, they need an Office 365 subscription. However, a loophole left open by Microsoft makes it […]

Office For iPad Launch Expected On Thursday
New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will host his first major press conference on Thursday. He’s expected to come swinging right off the bat. Previous rumors have suggested that the much awaited Office for iPad might be launched by the end of March. All eyes are now on Nadella’s first press conference as it may serve as the perfect launchpad to usher in a new era for Microsoft’s popular productivity suite.