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Samsung owners will have to wait for Mango update
Earlier we reported that the Mango update for Windows Phone has apparently been rolled out a lot faster than expected, and has apparently been sent out to 50% of Windows Phone users around the world. At the rate they’re going, it looks like Microsoft may not even need four weeks to do a complete rollout as they had initially planned. The bad news is that just like the NoDo update, […]

Samsung Omnia 7 and HTC 7 Mozart Mango builds leaked
It goes without saying that leaks are more or less a given these days, and it does seem to look as though loose lips are ever present in the digital environment. After all, how many new products are released without anyone catching wind of it through unofficial channels a couple of decades ago? That happened very rarely, but these days, if a leak does not happen, we would deem it […]

Samsung Omnia 7 enters download mode with USB jig
Owners of Samsung’s Windows Phone 7 devices haven’t exactly had the time of their lives ever since Microsoft started pushing out updates for its mobile operating system. Well, Samsung recently released an update tool to help users with the updating problem, but it turns out, users encountered yet another problem – their phones can’t even enter download mode.Apparently Omnia 7 phones with bootloader version don’t have that capability. Well […]

Samsung Omnia 7 patch released
While Microsoft still have yet to rectify the Windows Phone 7 upgrade problems with the Samsung Omnia, it looks like Samsung has decided to take measures into its own hands. The Korean manufacturer seems to have discovered a way to fix the errors that the WP7 Build 7392 update was causing to the Omnia 7. Samsung has just released an official Update Support Tool for their Omnia 7 phones.Users have […]


Samsung Omnia 7 Windows Phone 7 NoDo update blocked by Microsoft
Microsoft’s mobile operating system – Windows Phone 7 has been hit with another bout of bad luck. This time the problem affects Samsung WP7 devices again, but it’s not the Focus that has been experiencing trouble – it’s the Omnia 7 instead. Apparently the recently released NoDo update for Windows Phone 7 doesn’t work too well with the Omnia 7 – there is a technical issue with the update package […]

Samsung GT-i8700 Pictured And Disassembled By The FCC
We previously seen pictures of the Samsung Gt-i8700 before, and now more pictures (including disassembly) of this phone have surfaced, thanks to the folks over at the FCC, hopefully a sign that we’ll be seeing this phone in US stores soon. The i8700 has been touted as the Omnia 7 and will obviously be powered by Windows Phone 7. The FCC reports confirm that the phone will support the GSM/EDGE 850/1900 […]