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Vudu To Go offers offline movies
You may have heard of Vudu, which is one of the best video-on-demand service. Its strength has always been that movies start right away and the quality is awesome. However, you still needed a beefy Internet connection (3Mbps, I think) and this is not convenient for folks who have a slow broadband connection, or those who are offline while traveling.Vudu-to-go aims at fixing this and extend the Vudu service to […]

Netflix Price Rise Makes Thousands Angry
If you haven’t heard yet, Netflix has lifted its prices by 60% or so. In a blog post, Netflix has announced new plans and price changes. From now on, users will have to pay $7.99 and $11.99 for 1 and 2 DVDs out at-a-time plan (complete list on the full post). The streaming feature will be billed separately from the mail-in DVD feature:Plan 1: Unlimited Streaming (no DVDs) for $7.99 […]

Comcast iOS Xfinity TV app now works on your iPhone
Folks who complained about how unfair it is that the Comcast iOS Xfinity TV app only works on the iPad – good news. Comcast has just updated its Xfinity TV app to version 1.5, bringing the long-awaited feature that allows the app to run on iPhones and iPod Touch devices. iPhone and iPod Touch users can now stream over 4,500 hours of content from Comcast’s Xfinity On-Demand video service with […]

YouTube to launch movie streaming service by next week?
According to reports online YouTube, the world’s most popular video streaming service, will take its first foray into the premium video sharing industry. According to a report from Business Insider, YouTube will be launching its movie on demand service either this week or next, and by movie we mean Hollywood blockbusters and films that are sold on DVDs – not “movies” by YouTube stars – those videos can still be […]


VUDU now streams through your web browser
Folks who’ve been subscribed to VUDU’s video-on-demand service will be glad to know that they’ve got an additional way to access the service. Previously only available on a set top box, PlayStation 3 or embedded in TVs, customers can now access VUDU through So if your PS3 has been borrowed by a friend or your TV in the living is being occupied by someone else and you want to […]

HBO GO and MAX GO for DIRECTV premium subscribers tomorrow
DIRECTV premium channel subscribers sure are in for a treat tomorrow. The world’s largest pay TV provider has just announced that tomorrow onwards, HBO GO and MAX GO will be made available to their premium channel subscribers. HBO GO and MAX GO are on demand channels that allow subscribers to instantly watch every episode of every season of the best shows from HBO, plus hundreds of Hollywood hit movies, indies, […]

VMIX brings live and on-demand video rental to Facebook
Yesterday we mentioned that Warner Brothers will be adding 5 new movies to their Facebook movie rental service, and today it looks like they’ll have some competition in the near future. VMIX has just announced VMIX Social – an on-demand video service that will allow media companies to rent out movies through them. In addition to bringing on-demand content to Facebook, VMIX Social will also support streaming live video content […]

SENSIO S2D Switch Converts 3D into 2D
[CES 2011] SENSIO Technologies Inc unveiled its SENSIO S2D Switch, a technology that allows a spatially-compressed stereoscopic (3D) video stream to be displayed in 2D (left- or right-eye). If you buy a 3D movie via video-on-demand or records content from a subscribed 3D channel on a DVR, the SENSIO S2D Switch gives you the choice to watch that content in either 3D or in 2D.“While our SENSIO Hi-Fi 3D technology […]

Amazon Disc+ Offers Free Streaming for DVD Purchases for 10,000 Titles
Amazon has announced that it is expanding its Disc+ On Demand offering to 10,000 titles, which allows shoppers who purchase a physical retail DVD copy on the opportunity to get instantly gratified and watch their flick right away through Amazon’s video streaming service gratis. According to Amazon, customers who purchase select DVD or Blu-ray titles from the program will have a digital edition of their movie added to their […]

On-demand Movies To Arrive 30-days After Theater Launch?
Is the movie industry going to change in the near future? Word is going around that movies could be fast-tracked to reach Video On Demand (VOD) within 30 days for a premium price of $20-$30. If the leak is accurate, Disney, Fox, Paramount, Sony, Universal and Warner are all willing to get on the bandwagon. If everything goes according to plan, this plan could go live as soon as the […]