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Google’s OnHub Router Will Play Nicely With Google Wifi
Google announced their new Google Wifi routers at their event yesterday. This isn’t Google’s first attempt at creating a router as prior to this, they launched the OnHub routers. So the question is, what will become of OnHub customers? Is Google going to focus on both? Abandon the OnHub?

Google OnHub Routers Now Control Philips Hue Lights
You might not be aware but Google is in the business of selling wireless routers as well. The company launched its OnHub router last year. It’s a powerful router with a stylish design that offers a lot of features as well which will appeal to power users. It has been one full year since OnHub was released and to commemorate this milestone Google today announced the addition of a new […]

Google Finally Adds Guest Network Mode To OnHub
Google launched its OnHub routers last year and focused primarily on the simplicity of it all. The idea was to make it very easy for users to set up, use and troubleshoot the router however it didn’t quite have features that one easily finds in other routers, guest network mode being one of those features. Google has finally added guest network mode to OnHub.

Google Releases Cases For Its OnHub WiFi Router
Routers are usually devices that once we set it up, we leave it in its place and not bother with it until something goes wrong. However Google has other ideas because they have officially unveiled a trio of official cases designed for the OnHub WiFi router in mind. Yes, these are actually cases that you can slip onto your router if you choose.Why would anyone need a case for a […]


Asus-Made OnHub Router Now Available For Pre-Order
Not too long ago Google launched OnHub, a rather smart router that much better Wi-Fi performance and plays nicely with connected smart objects. That particular router was developed in collaboration with TP-Link and it’s not going to be the only model in the OnHub lineup. Today an Asus-made OnHub router has been announced and it’s now available for pre-order in the United States. This new model has a slightly different design […]