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OnStar 4G LTE Offers Data For As Little As $5/Month
OnStar and General Motors have worked together to make sure that your ride in the future will not only be safe and comfortable, but also be connected so that you never have to worry about not being in the vicinity of a Wi-Fi network anymore. OnStar intends to usher in a new generation of connected vehicles from June onward by throwing in in-vehicle 4G LTE, where it will roll out […]

GM lets you rent out your vehicle via OnStar service
General Motors has a new way for drivers of its vehicles to earn some money on the side – by renting out their under utilized rides thanks to the OnStar service which basically enables potential renters to unlock the doors with nothing other than their smartphones. General Motors mentioned that they are working in tandem with RelayRides, an online car-sharing marketplace which was first introduced in Boston sometime in June […]

OnStar API now open to 3rd-party developers
[CES 2012] Onstar has just announced that it is opening up its API to third party developers who will be able to imagine and create a new eco-system of apps and services based for the OnStar customer base. OnStar has been monitoring mobile trends very closely, and their conclusion is unambiguous: the company thinks that the number of mobile apps will double by next year, and it is critical to […]

OnStar offers in-car video chat and 4G streaming
Traveling on wheels is certainly different today compared to even 30 years ago – the comfort level in a car has increased dramatically, with seats that have memory functions, rear view mirrors that double up as a parking display, or even LCD displays at the back of the headrest for back seat passengers to enjoy a movie en route to their destination. OnStar from General Motors has developed a new […]


OnStar FMV mirror is strutted
CES 2011 was the platform where many new devices were launched, and it wasn’t surprising at all to see General Motors use that platform to introduce a mirror with a blue button which is touted to work in just about any vehicle. Well, the nameless device has now gotten a moniker of its own, with GM calling it the OnStar FMV. No, that has nothing to do with full motion […]

OnStar coming to everybody via Best Buy
Most folks know of the OnStar systems in many GM vehicles and now the company is looking to branch out to fend of the challenge of Ford’s SYNC. Of course, the obvious benefit of the OnStar services is that it uses a cell unit so that the services are online even when your phone isn’t in the car. The company has since introduced the OnStar mirror, a unit that will […]

OnStar offers Chevy Volt owners with a more connected customer experience
Chevrolet Volt owners who want to experience a new way to enjoy their electric vehicle can always check out the website that lets one remotely access operational information that is specific to their vehicle, not to mention being able to control a range of functions of their car. This will be made available later this month for select smartphones, according to OnStar President Chris Preuss. Taking advantage of OnStar’s […]

OnStar Supports Google Maps To Enhance Turn-by-Turn Navigation
Seems like Ford isn’t the only company who is busy bringing Google Maps to their vehicles as GM has also announced that OnStar and Google have reached an agreement, allowing OnStar users to search for and choose their destination using Google Maps, after which drivers will be able to send these destinations to the Turn-by-Turn Navigation Service in their vehicles. This new feature is dubbed OnStar eNav and will be […]