CES 2011 was the platform where many new devices were launched, and it wasn’t surprising at all to see General Motors use that platform to introduce a mirror with a blue button which is touted to work in just about any vehicle. Well, the nameless device has now gotten a moniker of its own, with GM calling it the OnStar FMV. No, that has nothing to do with full motion video, but rather, it stands for “For My Vehicle” and will function as a hands-free device that lets you get other blue button functionality, where among them include turn-by-turn directions and emergency assistance. The price point remains the same at $299 since its CES announcement, where it is tipped to roll out later this summer. Of course, installation will cost you another Benjamin, not to mention forking out $18.95 monthly or $199 annually to make full use of OnStar services. Any takers?


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