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What Is Vulkan Graphics
Vulkan, an open-source, multi-vendors, application programming interface (API) for 3D graphics / GPU has now an actual implementation and as available to developers. Vulkan was previously at the design phase where the programming interface was made public in 2015, but there was no implementation yet. There are some now, and drivers for Android 6.0, Windows 7-10 and Linux are coming out, with Windows leading the way.

OpenGL ES 3.1 Ups The Mobile Graphics Ante
This is the Game Developers Conference week here in San Francisco, and Khronos, the group that governs the OpenGL ES specifications is revealing the latest version of the graphics API (application programming interface) which brings new features and capabilities to mobile developers. This update brings mobiles one step closer to “feature-parity” with the latest game consoles and PC hardware, but there is a little more work that needs to be […]

Open GLES 3.0 specifications released [SIGGRAPH]
With the SIGGRAPH kickoff, the Khronos group has just announced Open GL ES 3.0, an updated version of the popular graphics API (application programming interface) that is going to bring new features to mobile devices that support it. Recently, we took an early look at the Snapdragon S4 Pro which runs it. There are a lot of new features, but in a nutshell, here are the ones that I found […]

OpenGL gets updated to 4.3 [SIGGRAPH]
The Khronos group has released the specifications for OpenGL 4.3, the graphics API (Application Programming Interface) for personal computers and workstations. The variant for mobile devices is called OpenGL ES and just got bumped to 3.0. With this latest release, OpenGL catches up to features that were only available to DirectX 11, namely Compute Shaders.


OpenGL 4.1 graphics library released
The Khronos Group has just announced the final specifications of OpenGL 4.1, the open graphics library used mainly for CAD and Mobile apps (OpenGL ES). With version 4.1, OpenGL finally catches up -and go beyond- the DirectX 11 specifications. OpenGL can now do everything DX11 can, and a little bit more. Among many features, Khronos emphasizes OpenGL 4.1’s ability to communicate and share data with OpenCL (an open GPU computing […]

Nintendo 3DS GPU Revealed
Digital Media Professionals has announced via a press release that it was the provider of the graphics processor (GPU) that powers the Nintendo 3DS. The Pica200 chip supports the OpenGL 1.1 API, which is getting a little old, but that did not prevent FutureMark from making a decent demo using it. On paper, the chip is supposed to be designed to handle 15 Million polygons per second, but in reality […]

Nokia tablet with speedy graphics could be in the works
It seems that Game developer Fishlabs has let the cat out of the bag concerning an upcoming Nokia tablet that will feature a relatively fast graphics chipset, resulting in hardware that is capable of OpenGL ES 2.0 effects. There is no word on when the hardware or game would be ready, but you can be sure that Fishlabs and Nokia are currently collaborating on a top-tier game for a device […]

OpenGL jumps to 3.2 at SIGGRAPH
The Khronos Group has announced OpenGL 3.2! The new version of the graphics API has new core features that were previously accessible via OpenGL Extensions. The support for anti-aliased render targets or better cubemap filtering will improve image quality, while things like depth_clamp will make it (a little) easier for developers to implement shadow volumes. There is now “core” support for Geometry Shaders, a new feature introduced in DX10 that […]