OpenGL 4.1 graphics library released

The Khronos Group has just announced the final specifications of OpenGL 4.1, the open graphics library used mainly for CAD and Mobile apps (OpenGL ES). With version 4.1, OpenGL finally catches up -and go beyond- the DirectX 11 specifications. OpenGL can now do everything DX11 can, and a little bit more. Among many features, Khronos emphasizes OpenGL 4.1’s ability to communicate and share data with OpenCL (an open GPU computing library). DirectX Compute offers a similar capability, but is geared towards high-performance computing for gaming. OpenCL has been built with scientific projects in mind, and that opens even more possibilities for OpenGL developers. NVIDIA is releasing new drivers for its products “right now”, while AMD will come up with new drivers soon, according to Ben Bar-Haim, its VP of Software. OpenGL 4.1 will be discussed in various talks at SIGGRAPH this week.

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