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Opera’s Battery Saving Feature Is Now Available To All
Last month Opera announced a new feature that they were testing out in their browser. This was a battery saving feature that has been designed for laptops in which using Opera won’t consume as much battery compared to other browsers, such as Chrome who has in the past known to be a bit of a battery hog.

Opera Mini Beta Lets User Switch Color Themes
There are brands and products out there that you can probably associate with color. For example if you see a blue soda can used in a cartoon or TV show, you might assume it is Pepsi, or Coca-Cola if it is red. The same can be said for software applications, like how Opera’s browsers tend to feature a red theme.

Opera Introduces Power Saving Mode For Its Browser
Using apps on laptops will drain its battery. However the question is, how efficient is an app written that it will use the laptop’s resources in a way that won’t drain a laptop’s battery unnecessarily. For example last year it was found that Google’s Chrome browser proved to be a battery drain on the MacBook.

Opera Releases Unlimited And Free VPN App for iOS
Opera is integrating privacy features to make sure that more people start using its web browser. We’ve already seen it bring native ad blocking to the desktop and mobile browsers, aside from offering a free and unlimited VPN with the developer version of its web browser. The company today announced the release of an unlimited and free VPN app for iOS.


Opera Mini For Android Now Comes With An Ad Blocker
One of the things we love about Android is the ability to do all sorts of things we want with the phone, thanks to the bevy of tools and tweaks available for the platform. One of those tools is the ability to block ads, something that Android has been doing a long time before iOS ever got the feature.

Opera Browser Now Comes With Built-In VPN
There are many reasons to use a VPN. Maybe you just enjoy your privacy, or maybe you’re trying to access video streams from service providers that aren’t available in your region yet, or maybe you’re just trying to get better ping for your gaming sessions. Either way there are plenty of VPNs that you can choose from right now.

Opera Max Has Been Optimized For Android Tablets
The Opera browser is popular partly because of its data compression and Opera Max is a way to get the benefit of that data compression without being limited to the company’s web browser. Opera Max brings the same data compression capabilities so that users can save bandwidth regardless of the app they’re using. Opera Max was previously optimized only for smartphones but today it has been optimized for Android tablets […]

Opera Now Comes With Native Ad Blocking Features
When it comes to ad blocking, it used to be that users had to download a third-party app or a browser extension. However these days we are starting to see companies such as Mozilla, Samsung, and even ASUS offer up native ad blocking capabilities. Now for those who are looking for more alternatives, you will be pleased to learn that Opera has joined the list.

Opera Max Lets You Know When Apps Use Data In The Background
So you think that data is only consumed when you are actively using apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and etc.? If you do, you would be sorely mistaken because there are plenty of apps that use data while running in the background. Sometimes this is done to ensure that when you launch the app, the latest information is already available.

Opera Max Will Help You Save Data When Streaming Music
For those unfamiliar with Opera Max, it’s basically an app that is designed to help users save data when they visit websites, especially when they stream video which happens to be one of the more data-intensive activities one can do on their phone. However let’s not forget that music streaming takes up data too, and Opera Max will help you with that.According to a report from TechCrunch, it seems that […]

Opera Max Will Be Installed On 100M Android Phones By 2017
Since there are quite a few of us who do not have unlimited data plans, this means that ensuring that the websites we surf are as data-friendly is possible is important. There are several data compression apps out there that will help compress websites and videos, and one of those apps is Opera Max.Now you might recall that Opera had previously announced that they would be working with several Android […]

Opera For Android Updated With Video Compression
Our phones are literally computers that fit into our pocket. They can take photos, take videos, play games, write up emails, documents, create spreadsheets, make new music, and etc. However there are some aspects of our phones that consumes a lot of data, like watching videos online.The good news is that if you’re looking for a way to not consume so much data while on your cellular data plan, Opera […]

Opera Gets A New Logo
It looks like corporate rebranding is all part of the plan for many an organization, and when it comes to the folks over at Opera, they have plans for a brand new logo. Opera happens to be a Norwegian software company just in case you were wondering, where they are most well known for their collection of web browsers over the years. Well, it is about time that they worked […]

Opera Max Now Compresses Netflix And YouTube Videos
Opera Max is a data-compressing proxy for Android which lets users save a good chunk of mobile data by compressing videos, text and images as they surf online or use data-intensive applications like Instagram. Previously it was unable to compress HTTPS videos which meant Opera Max offered no savings when streaming YouTube or Netflix on mobile data but that changes today, it’s now capable of compressing Netflix and YouTube videos as […]