gear s operaIf there is one reason as to why users might prefer phones with larger displays, it’s because it makes surfing the web a lot easier as more content can be easily displayed on the phone due to the phone having larger screen real estate. However if you don’t mind the idea of being able to surf the web on your smartwatch, the folks at Opera have you covered.


Opera has recently announced that the Opera Mini web browser has made its way onto the Samsung Gear S. The smartwatch, for those unfamiliar, is Samsung’s latest smartwatch effort and it is based on the Tizen platform, not Android Wear unlike the Samsung Gear Live. According to Opera, their browser is essentially the first web browser to be made available on the wearable.

As with all web browsers, users will be able to surf the web directly from their wrists and thanks to Opera’s compression technology, it will help make pages load more efficiently which might be a good idea on a wearable where its hardware might not be as powerful as a phone, tablet, or computer.

Naturally the small screen means that browsing on your watch might not necessarily be an ideal experience, but if this is a option you’d like to keep open for yourself, Opera Mini for the Samsung Gear S is currently available for download for free from Samsung Gear Apps.

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