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Additional LG Optimus G2 Images Leaked
The LG Optimus G2 gets more leaked images revealed.

LG Optimus G2 Screenshots Leaked
The LG Optimus G2 is confirmed to come with a Full HD display.

Additional LG Optimus G2 Photos Leaked
It was just last week that we spotted images of the LG Optimus G2, or at least that’s what the speculators seemed to think. Now thanks to another leak from @evleaks, an additional image of the alleged device has surfaced, this time giving us a closer look at the phone and it’s pretty thin bezels which we have to say we’re liking at the moment. Assuming this is indeed the […]

LG Optimus G2 Spotted At Bluetooth SIG
We have seen our fair share of devices being revealed or mentioned by the Bluetooth SIG before it has been officially released in the market, so it comes across as no surprise to discover that the LG Optimus G is going to be on the receiving end of a sequel – that is, none other than the non-creatively named LG Optimus G2. After all, this device has picked up its […]


LG Optimus G2 Rumored For Fall Release With Android 5.0
Fans of the LG Optimus G might recall that a few weeks ago, it was suggested that the Optimus G2 could get a possible announcement at CES 2013, but unfortunately the event came and went and apart from new LG TVs, there was no mention of the handset at all. Now according to new reports, it seems that the reason why the Optimus G2 did not make its scheduled CES […]

LG Optimus G2 With Full HD Display To Get CES Debut?
I guess modern day consumer electronics work this way – the moment you bring it out from the retail store, its price has already depreciated by a substantial amount, just like how a shiny new vehicle loses a few hundred dollars in book value after being driven out of the showroom. The LG Optimus G, while being a fairly new smartphone, could very soon be ousted off its perch with […]

LG Optimus G2 To Feature 5.5-inch 1080p display?
It was not too long ago when the world found out that LG has in its wings, a spanking new Android-powered flagship device that is tipped for a 2013 release, and it will be known as the LG Optimus G2. Of course, judging by the name of the device alone, you can more or less figure out that it will succeed the current Optimus G that you see above, and […]

LG Optimus G2 Packs Full HD Display And 2GHz Processor?
There is this particular South Korea publication that does leak news concerning smartphones, phablets and tablets from homeboys Samsung and LG, and this time around, the plan involves the LG Optimus G2 which is said to have been ramped up in terms of its release date, which would most probably see it roll out to the masses at the same time as that of the Samsung Galaxy S4 – which […]