I guess modern day consumer electronics work this way – the moment you bring it out from the retail store, its price has already depreciated by a substantial amount, just like how a shiny new vehicle loses a few hundred dollars in book value after being driven out of the showroom. The LG Optimus G, while being a fairly new smartphone, could very soon be ousted off its perch with whispers of a sequel, the frankly named LG Optimus G2 in tow. It seems that the Optimus G2 will join the ranks of the new generation of flagship smartphones that can be identified by a 1080p display alongside a speedy 2GHz processor. In fact, there are whispers going around that the Optimus G2 will even use CES 2013 as its debut platform of choice.

Could this be the 5.5-inch 1080p Android powered smartphone that was talked about recently? Perhaps, and with a 2GHz processor underneath the hood, you know for sure that it ought to have a beefy battery, otherwise performance of this device is not going to rank too highly in review scores.

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