Apple Starts Selling OS X Lion And Mountain Lion Via Their Online Store

With OS X Mavericks being rolled out to the masses, there are probably still Mac users running on much older versions of Mac computers, meaning that their devices might not be eligible for an upgrade to Mavericks. What this means is that they will either have to turn to OS X Lion or OS X Mountain Lion, but unfortunately both OS X Lion and Mountain Lion have since been removed […]

OS X 10.8.2 will return MacBook battery life back to OS X Lion levels

A while back it was noted that the upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion had decreased battery life on MacBook laptops somewhat drastically compared to when it was running on OS X Lion. As some of you guys are aware by now, Apple has released OS X 10.8.2 to developers for testing, and the good news is that according to the tests conducted, battery life has returned to OS X […]

Apple Gives Away Snow Leopard for MobileMe Users to Get Onto iCloud

Apple has issued a statement stating that the near defunct MobileMe service which has basically been replaced with iCloud would be killed off for good on June 30th. Mac users running an OS X version older than Snow Leopard cannot use iCloud because it is not compatible. The only way for users to gain access to iCloud is to have Snow Leopard installed after which you must install OS X […]

Mac OS X Lion adoption seems to have plateaued according to report

Apple’s Mac OS X Lion was launched some time in the middle of the year and was met with both praise and criticism, much like everything else in life. However it appears that in this case, the critics may have been on to something as web as publisher Chitika has released data about Mac OS X Lion which is short of troubling.


iMessage coming to OS X Lion?

Apple announced iMessage at the unveiling of iOS 5 a few months ago, and while we have still yet to catch it action (it should be arriving with the launch of iOS 5), it looks like it might be available on OS X Lion as well. A MacRumors reader recently went through the code of OS X Lion’s iChat and discovered that there are some lines of code that are […]

Mac OS X Lion receives its first update

Apple has just released the very first update for OS X Lion, four weeks after the launch of the operating system. The update which bumps Lion OS X up to version 10.7.1 comes in two versions – one for the latest MacBook Air and Mac Mini computers and another one for older machines that upgraded to the new OS. Both updates fix general bugs and issues with the operating system, […]

Apple reportedly shipping USB sticks containing OS X Lion

When Mac OS X Lion was first announced, it was also mentioned that unlike the previous incarnations of the operating system, it will not be available in CD format, which meant that users who wanted to install OS X Lion will either have to download it or get it on a USB stick, which costs about double what the downloadable version costs.

Lion Recovery Disk Assistant

The digital distribution model seems to be the way to move forward for software companies, but it is always good to have a physical copy of your software somewhere, just in case something untoward happens such as a hard drive failure that takes down Lion’s recovery partition along with it. For those who live life carefully, planning each and every single step, this should come across as no worry since […]

Skype 5.3 for Mac brings HD video calling and OS X Lion support

While video calls made on Skype for the Mac have always been somewhat decent (although quality is also largely dependent on your webcam and internet connection), it appears that with the latest version of Skype for Mac, users will be able to make HD quality video calls to their friends.

Windows XP, Vista unsupported in Boot Camp OS X Lion

If you have made the jump to the latest OS X Lion version of the operating system without forking out far more than what it is worth, and are interested in running old school Windows operating systems such as the venerable Windows XP and Windows Vista thanks to Boot Camp, then you are in for an unpleasant surprise. Either operating systems will not run in Boot Camp in OS X […]

Mac OS X Lion’s auto-login has a security flaw

If you have recently installed Mac OS X Lion on your computer, you might have been slightly pleased with the automatic login which shaves off a couple of seconds between turning on your computer and getting down to business. As convenient as that feature may be, it turns out that the feature could very well leave your passwords ripe for the picking.

$4,000 paid by PayPal user for Mac OS X Lion

Purchasing your operating system online is a novel idea, as there aren’t any physical discs for you to contend with, and neither do you need to worry about impacting the earth further with more paper printed, packaging, plastics, and having it shipped to your doorstep. Unfortunately, it seems that the Mac OS X Lion’s downloading process has hit a snafu as John Christman claims to have been charged a grand […]

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion runs into installation issues

Even the world’s most advanced operating system cannot escape the deadly bug issue it seems, according to a bunch of Mac users who have decided to take the plunge to upgrade their system to Mac OS X 10.7 Lion which was released just yesterday morning. All the error messages are not the same, being of different variety to keep some folks out there scratching their heads quizzically. There is a […]

Specs of the Mac Mini refresh revealed? (Updated)

A couple of hours ago we reported on what appeared to be the new specs of the upcoming refresh of Apple’s MacBook Air line of laptops. For those who have been following the tech news and also the progress of OS X Lion and the new hardware refreshes, you guys are probably aware that apart from the refreshes of the MacBook Air, there has been word that the Apple Cinema […]