As we all know the latest incarnation of the Mac OS X is Lion as revealed at Apple’s WWDC this year, and we know that it will be seeing a release some time this year but could it be because of OS X Lion that we will not be seeing refreshes of the Macbook Air line, at least not until the operating system is finalized? Prior to this piece of news there was a lot of speculation floating around that we should be seeing a refresh of the Macbook Air in the next couple of weeks but now it looks like there’s a chance that refresh won’t be coming until OS X Lion is ready.From a marketing standpoint it makes a lot more sense for Apple to be selling a brand new line of Macbook Airs that came with OS X Lion, making it one of the selling points, rather than releasing a Macbook Air with the promise that they will be able to upgrade to OS X Lion down the line, which may prove to be an inconvenience certain customers will want to avoid, and according to insiders the new Sandy Bridge Macbook Air models equipped with Thunderbolt are all ready to go into production but due to OS X Lion, Apple management is said to be holding the production back.

This apparently applies to other Apple products such as the Thunderbolt-equipped versions of the Mac Mini and LED Cinema Display, along with the next generation iPhone and iPod Touch which are expected to come with iOS 5, which is supposed to see a release in fall. That could explain several things such as why there was no mid-year release of the next generation iPhone and why this year’s back-to-school promotion was giving away $100 in Mac App Store credit instead of the traditionally-given iPod.

Let’s just hope that the upcoming OS X Lion and iOS 5 will not disappoint those of us who possess the last remaining shreds of patience for Apple’s delays.

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