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Apple Kicks Off Public Beta For iOS 8.3
We reported recently that Apple could launch a public beta program for iOS. Last year when it unveiled OS X Yosemite it allowed members of the public to test the beta software before it was ultimately released for everybody. The company today announced that it is starting a beta program. It’s kicking things off with iOS 8.3. Interested users can sign up to test the beta firmware before it is released […]

OS X 10.10.2 Update Fixes Wi-Fi Issues
Apple today released a new software update for OS X 10 Yosemite. It primarily brings bug fixes and improvements. With this software update Apple has fixed many Wi-Fi related issues that have been plaguing Yosemite users. Improvements for iCloud, VoiceOver, Bluetooth headphones and Safari are also included.

Possible Root Problem Of iOS 8/OS X Yosemite WiFi Issues Discovered
Right now there are users with iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite devices that are suffering from WiFi issues. Apple recently issued an update meant to address these issues but recent reports have revealed that this is still a problem plaguing many users. Well according to a post by Mario Ciabarra, the co-founder and CEO of Quantum Metric, he claims to have found the root cause for the WiFi issues […]

OS X Yosemite Wi-Fi Problems Apparently Not Fixed By 10.10.1
Apart from releasing iOS 8.1.1 for supported iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models yesterday Apple also released OS X Yosemite 10.10.1. This update brings a handful of improvements and fixes for the company’s desktop operating system. It was also supposed to bring a fix for the Wi-Fi issues that have been irking Yosemite users. Some are claiming that these issues still persist even though they have updated to OS X […]


OS X Yosemite 10.10.1 Update Fixes Wi-Fi Reliability Issues
Today is a great day for you if you have been waiting on a new piece of software from Apple. The company didn’t just have one release up its sleeve today. After rolling out iOS 8.1.1 for all supported devices, which not only fixes bugs but improves performance on old models, Apple also released OS X Yosemite 10.10.1 to the public. This update addresses certain bugs that have been irking […]

OS X Yosemite Users Complaining Of WiFi Problems
Whenever new software is released, there are bound to be some bugs that the developers failed to catch during their testing phases. Some of the reported problems of OS X Yosemite included Bluetooth connectivity issues, and now according to reports, it seems that WiFi connectivity issues can be added to the list as well.According to a variety of reports across the internet, OS X Yosemite users have been complaining of […]

OS X Yosemite Adoption Beats Mavericks Initially
It has not been long since Apple launched OS X Yosemite. The new software update for Macs has been built from the ground up and it brings a new look and feel, apart from dozens of new features which were first showed off back at WWDC 2014. Research from Chitika shows that users have jumped on OS X Yosemite faster than they did on OS X Mavericks, which was released […]

Some OS X Yosemite Users Experiencing Bluetooth Connection Problems
It has not been long since Apple released OS X Yosemite for all supported Mac machines and it looks like some of them have developed problems apparently related to Bluetooth after they were updated to the new software. Some users have contributed countless posts to a thread on Apple’s official support forums complaining about Bluetooth problems that surfaced after they updated their machines to OS X Yosemite.

Apple Clarifies Spotlight's Data Collection Practices
In Apple’s new software releases the Spotlight feature has been radically improved. On OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 it can be used for local file search, online search, and pulling information from a variety of online sources. Recently a report was published online detailing alleged data collection practices of Spotlight and the picture this report painted was quite troubling. Fortunately Apple has come out of a clarification.

Some OS X Yosemite Features May Not Work On All Macs
Back in June at the WWDC 2014 conference Apple unveiled OS X Yosemite. It has been built from the ground up with a completely new look and feel for Apple’s desktops and laptops. There are a handful of new features as well but keep in mind that they may not work on all Macs that support the new software. Some of the features that may not be supported include the likes […]

OS X Yosemite Now Available For Download From Mac App Store
The day that Mac users have been waiting for has finally arrived. Earlier this year at WWDC 2014 Apple showed off one of the biggest updates that it has ever developed for its desktop software. OS X 10.10 Yosemite was then soon rolled out in beta form to developers. Back then Apple said that the public release would take place later this fall. There’s great news today. As of now […]

OS X Yosemite GM Candidate 1.0 Released For Developers
Looks like Apple doesn’t want Microsoft to hog the OS spotlight today with its announcement of Windows 10. As Microsoft was unveiling its next iteration of Windows, Apple quietly pushed out the first GM Candidate for OS X Yosemite, a firm indicator that we’re on track for a public OS X Yosemite release in the very near future. For members of the public beta test program Apple today released OS […]

New OS X Yosemite Betas Released
Some Mac users might have been expecting Apple to confirm exactly when its going to release OS X Yosemite at its event on September 9th but the company didn’t mention anything about its desktop OS at the event. However it is widely believed that Yosemite will finally be released to the public in October. Before that happens Apple needs to wrap up its beta program. Today it has released new OS […]

iMessage Screen Sharing Fired Up In Latest Yosemite Beta
Apple unveiled OS X Yosemite at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2014 in June. The upcoming release brings some of the biggest changes yet for the company’s desktop operating system. We found out back in June the updated iMessage in Yosemite includes a screen sharing feature. Earlier this week Apple seeded a new beta of OS X Yosemite and it has been discovered that the screen sharing feature has now been made […]