Pandigital Stripped Via Dirt Cheap Tablets

The tablet market is certainly an interesting one, especially when you consider how there are so many players in it right now, especially those who are part of the Android ecosystem. We do have high end models that branch off to mid-range as well as entry level devices, and one can safely say that Pandigital certainly resides somewhere at the bottom of the food chain where tablets and eReaders are […]

Pandigital announces SuperNova tablet

Back in August, several Pandigital devices were mentioned, such as the Pandigital Star, Nova and Planet. If you weren’t satisfied with those offerings back then, Pandigital has announced the Supernova tablet, which is the bigger brother of the Pandigital Nova, and by bigger we do mean that literally.

Pandigital Planet and Star adds more tablet oomph

Pandigital is not quite finished yet when it comes to their latest tablet collection, where apart from the Planet and the Star, we do know they have another model in the pipeline which has yet to be announced until this September. Something tells me that this fourth tablet is going to take the same naming convention as the previous three, which has something to do with outer space – although […]

Pandigital Nova tablet

Yes, so we know that Best Buy will be offering the Pandigital Nova at $170 a pop – well, here is the official story on this particular tablet that is touted to offer value for money. Beign lightweight and easy-to-carry around, the Pandigital Nova sports a Cortex A9 processor as well as a 7″ multi-touch display at 600 x 800 resolution, not to mention HDMI out so that whatever you […]


Pandigital STAR e-book reader goes through FCC motions

The e-book world is littered with plenty of options in this day and age, which is a far cry from what consumers had to put up with a few years ago. Heck, even e-book readers now support color for a more interactive experience, and hardware manufacturers are more adventurous now to venture into this particular niche market. Well, Pandigital’s STAR e-book reader has just gone through the paces at the […]

Pandigital Planet arrives at the FCC

Working at the FCC should never prove boring, considering the number of gizmos and gadgets that come your way all the time. Heck, it should be an interesting enough job to keep you going without feeling that it is the same old, day in and day out. If you think that the FCC has gone dry on e-book readers of late, enter the Pandigital Planet – a 7″ device that […]

Pandigital Photo Mail 8-inch Digital Photo Frame plays nice with AT&T network

Digital photo frames haven’t really taken off the way manufacturers expected them to – after all, they are but a novelty even at this point of time, although there is a possibility of it being mainstream in due time.Pandigital’s latest Photo Mail 8-inch Digital Photo Frame will be one of the few that can download your photos over the air, as long as you remain within vicinity of an AT&T […]

Pandigital AW-NU706 ebook reader arrives on the FCC

The FCC has taken a look at the Pandigital AW-NU706 ebook reader, and those who are more observant might be able to guess correctly that this device will feature a 6-inch display of the E-Ink variety, while its back end support for a digital library would come in the form of the Barnes & Noble e-book store. To keep up with the rest of the Joneses’, Pandigital’s effort ain’t too […]

Pandigital ships second Pandigital Novel eReader device, has integrated Barnes & Noble eBookstore

Pandigital has just rolled out its second Pandigital Novel eReader device that will come with built-in Barnes & Noble eBookstore access, letting you get started right out of the box. This new reader will also come with a 7-inch full color touchscreen LCD display, where it will be known by the model number PRD07T20WBL1. The Novel eReader will be equipped with a high-gloss black bezel (fingerprint magnet warning here), tipping […]

Pandigital Novel Yanked Off Shelves For A Month

Pandigital seems to be encountering some issues with its Novel touchscreen eReader, and after promising a firmware fix, the company has decided to halt sales of the eReader, promising that the device will go back on sale in about a month. The hiatus will apparently be used to review the firmware that’s preloaded onto the device. The exact details of the problem weren’t mentioned, but hopefully the company manages to […]

Pandigital Novel eReader firmware fix to come

The Pandigital Novel eReader wasn’t exactly a huge success when it was launched, since there were major firmware issues affecting it upon its release, but things do look as though they are being improved with a new firmware update for the device being released. This new firmware is touted to fix the previous problems that plagued the device, and it ought to translate to the Novel eReader making its way […]

Pandigital 7-inch e-reader can access Barnes & Noble eBookstore

Just when you were lulled into a false sense of security that all Pandigital could do was to display your favorite memories in a digital photo frame, along comes news of its 7″ e-reader that boasts access to Barnes & Noble’s eBookstore, while being able to share content via LendMe. As for its specifications, the Novel (as it is known) will come with a 800 x 600 resolution touchscreen display, […]

Pandigital 3G Enabled Photo Frame

Pandigital’s new Internet-connected photo frame, the Photo Mail LED Digital Photo Frame sports a 3G connection from AT&T, as well as an always-on connection to HP’s Snapfish photo service. With those features in place, the photo frame can automatically show any photos sent to an individually given e-mail address, reflecting that content on a publicly accessible Snapfish web site. If online isn’t your thing, you can always use its 6-in-1 […]

Pandigital to introduce Zero Ink paper size

Pandigital recently announced its first ZINK-enabled printer that was capable of churning out 4″ x 6″ zero-ink photo prints, which makes it a logical move to release a new paper size to match that printer. This is a huge improvement over the first generation of ZINK-enabled devices that could only print out 2″ x 3″ prints, and by now ZINK Imaging has added two more photo paper sizes to the […]