Working at the FCC should never prove boring, considering the number of gizmos and gadgets that come your way all the time. Heck, it should be an interesting enough job to keep you going without feeling that it is the same old, day in and day out. If you think that the FCC has gone dry on e-book readers of late, enter the Pandigital Planet – a 7″ device that sports a TFT LCD display, this Android-powered e-book reader will also come with Wi-Fi connectivity so that you are able to gain access to the Barnes & Noble bookstore to download your favorite digital tomes from there.

The tablet will also do more than just function as an e-book reader, since it will boast of front and rear facign cameras (the latter to perform video chats we presume), HDMI output and a microphone. It won’t even ship empty handed, but like a good device, will also jump aboard the social networking bandwagon with a Facebook app already installed, in addition to a dictionary, an antivirus program and OfficeSuite Viewer apps. All those are essential since the Planet does not seem to be able to access Android Market.

No idea on pricing or availability, so we will just have to sit this one out until something more official is released.

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