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CARMAnation a Good Solution For the Parking Crisis in San Francisco?
Yesterday, the City of San Francisco cracked down on MonkeyParking, a mobile app that lets users post info about the parking spot they are about to leave for a price. According to City Attorney Dennis Herrera, who threatened MonkeyParking and two other startups with a lawsuit, selling access to public spaces (the parking spot) is illegal.As a San Franciscan, I am outraged by the cost of parking tickets in the […]

INRIX Parking app helps you locate parking spots
[CES 2013] Tired of not knowing where to park whenever you go out? INRIX has got the solution just for you. The company announced the launch of its parking navigation service: INRIX Parking. Since a lot of time in the city is wasted by drivers looking for parking, INRIX Parking hopes to eliminate that problem.Partnering with ParkMe and Parkopedia, INRIX Parking is a parking navigation service that points drivers to […]

Parker App Helps Users Find Parking Spots
In the SF Bay Area, the cities of San Mateo and San Carlos have announced the deployment of their network of sensors aimed at helping drivers find parking spots with ease thanks to the Parker app (by Streetline Inc). Parker helps user find available parking spots, and the overall idea is to make parking more efficient, whether it is for users, or for the city.In cities like the ones above […]

Kinect used to aid reverse parking
A lot of cars have cameras installed in the rear to help drivers when it comes to parking, but most of them are pretty simple setups – with the camera acting as a pair of additional eyes. Well, some folks at the University of Technology in Sydney decided to implement the Kinect as a camera to work as a reverse parking assistant. The Kinect is able to generate a bird’s […]


ParkingAuction lets you sell your parking spot
Let’s face it, there are times when circulating the mall’s car park looking for an empty spot can turn into a long and drawn out affair, lasting for a good 20-30 minutes, at which point you just want to call it a day and head home. According to a recent study, motorists in New York’s Upper West Side spend 366,000 miles a year (collectively) just looking for parking space! Imagine […]

RFID tag system allows you to pay for your parking easily
When it comes to entering paid car parks, sometimes the angle of the ticketing machine may be angled weirdly which will make it inconvenient for you to reach out and grab the ticket. Having to line up at the cashier or auto pay machine when you’re done with your shopping can also prove to be a hassle, especially when you have your hands full and need to search for your […]

Park Assist helps you remember where you parked
Don’t you just hate it when you drive to a shopping mall, park your car, go off to do some shopping and forget where you parked your car when you return? You’re not alone in this one. Here’s where the Park Assist comes in. The Park Assist is a high resolution digital camera that is designed for that. All you have to do is enter your car plate at a […]

Streetline Parker iPhone app offers real-time parking lot information
Nobody enjoys scouting around for parking lots in the city and Streetline has announced its Parker iPhone app, touted as the first application to give drivers real-time parking information and a fast way to find open metered parking spaces and nearby garages. Streetline’s patented smart parking platform detects the presence of a car through a network of ultra-low power wireless sensors located in each parking space, information that is sent […]

San Francisco parking meters have variable pricing depending on demand
San Francisco – you might just leave your heart in that cosmopolitan city the next time you drop by if you’re a geek, especially when its new parking meters will come with automatically adjusting prices which will change, depending on demand. This is part of the 2-year SFpark experiment, where the new meters will be able to tell just how much in-demand the spaces they govern are, and can range […]

Yahoo Files Patent To Track Parking Space Availability
Yahoo seems to be working on some rather useful technology, especially for city-folk. Based on a patent filed by the company, the design calls for sensors attached to individual parking lots, sensors that will transmit data that can be tracked in real time on Yahoo Maps. It would certainly be very cool to be able to check parking space information directly from Yahoo Maps, though we wonder how effective it […]