ARC Pen Helps Those With Parkinson’s Disease To Write

Having Parkinson’s Disease is no walk in the park, this is for sure. The thing is, when one’s hand starts to get all rickety, it can be rather challenging to do simple, everyday tasks that we take for granted, including feeding ourselves and writing a simple note. We have seen a spoon that helps those with Parkinson’s Disease to eat normally, and the company behind this utensil, Liftware, was acquired […]

Wine Shipped In A Pen

If you are one who loves drinking wine and pairing it up with every single meal, then you might have heard of Casa Mariol before. They are rather obscure though, as Casa Mariol is actually a family owned winery that is located in Poland, and in order to promote their fine wine as a business gift, they decided to go off the beaten path by thinking outside of the box. […]

Livescribe discontinues developer program

Livescribe, the creator of the Livescribe pen has officially announced that it will be discontinuing its developer program. As of July 29th, the third-party developer program will no longer be supported by the company. The software development kit (SDK) has been removed, preventing developers from writing any custom apps for the smart pen, and the developer forums have been removed. With many interesting third party apps created for the pen, […]

Olympus to release a PEN Pro camera this year?

Olympus has been reported to be releasing new versions of its high-performance PEN cameras later this year or early next year.  The first PEN to be released will be nicknamed the “Olympus PEN Pro” model – a high-end model with touchscreen technology. Another model to be released will be a mid-range PEN camera with a tilt screen and the third rumored model will be a PEN camera that’s said to […]


Pentel Airpen Mini will work with Android

Pentel’s Airpen Mini, a multi-purpose pen that that automatically transfers what you write on paper to a computer will work with Android devices in the near future. All you have to do is activate the pen, start writing on a piece of paper, and all your words will be transferred to an accompanying device that can be used to transfer them to the computer. The transferring device was previously only […]

Genius shows off special mice at CES 2011

[CES 2011] Genius, manufacturers of third-party accessories for computers, will be unveiling three special mice products at CES 2011 this week. Defying convention and bringing additional functionality to the pointing device that’s been used ever since we’ve had GUIs, these mice are definitely something to look out for. First up we have the Ring Mouse – an award-winning mouse that allows you to control your cursor differently (i.e. away from […]

Pen designed to measure and reduce stress

Stress is definitely something that we’d all love to have less of, and now researchers out there have come up with a pen that not only measures stress levels, but is capable of helping you lower your heart rate too. The pen features built-in electronics and electromagnets to detect faster, jerkier movements that are commonly associated with stress and will gradually become more difficult to move around, encouraging users to […]

APEN A2 Transforms Regular Paper Into Digital Writing, Drawing Tablet

The idea behind APEN A2 is very similar to the Pulse Smartpen and Livescribe models, but rather than requiring special paper to work, APEN A2 will work with regular paper, eliminating the need to purchase costly specialized paper. The pen communicates with a special wireless transmitter, that’s clipped onto the top of the paper, and will enable the pen record writing and drawing, which can then be transferred to the […]

Glove-Friendly Capacitive Touchscreen Allows for Cold Weather Pinch and Zoom

Hitachi Displays has developed an evolution to capacitive touchscreens that will allow the finger-friendly screens to recognize touch input even when your fingers are covered by gloves. The screens can possibly show up on the next generation iPhone and iPad and are scalable between 3 and 10 inches. The news should be good for users of Android, webOS, iOS, and WIndows Phone 7 devices in colder climates where users would […]

Canon To Come Up With Smaller Sized Pro Cameras To Fend Off Competition

Canon’s image group leader, Masaya Maeda, has confirmed that the company is busy working on a smaller sized pro camera that will be competing against its mirrorless, interchangeable lens rivals. With the recent popularity of smaller sized cameras with interchangeable lenses, such as the Olympus PEN series and Sony NEX line, it’s no surprise to hear that Canon is making such a move, as the pressure must certainly be building. […]