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LG Optimus G Pro Benchmarks
I’m spending a decent amount of time using the LG Optimus G Pro before finalizing the Ubergizmo review, but I thought that I would drop a quick note about the LG Optimus G Pro benchmark numbers as some of you may be impatient to know how it performs in the real world. Overall, the results are much better than the original model that we had reviewed. The performance is now […]

Vellamo: Android Web Benchmark from Qualcomm
 Earlier today, I talked to Qualcomm’s Sy Choudhury (Director, Product Management)  about Vellamo, a benchmarck aimed at measuring several aspects of web browsing performance: page rendering, Javascript execution, user experience, networking. This project originated from Qualcomm’s desire to improve its own software. As one of the leading chip provider, Qualcomm does contribute quite of software in the Android eco-system, and Vellamo has started as an internal tool to quantify the performance […]

Is the PSP2 as powerful as the PS3?
According to a report online, Sony has been telling game developers that the upcoming PlayStation Portable 2 is as powerful as the PlayStation 3. It is uncertain if the new handheld console will be that powerful, but it definitely shows Sony’s steps to make the PSP 2 stand apart from smartphones. After all, graphics have improved so much on smartphones over the past year, and the distinction between them and […]

Virtual router is super cheap but excellent performer
Cheap and good – now that’s a mantra that might be what most people are looking at in these economically challenging times, but such devices/services/items are hard to come by. South Korean researchers could be onto something with a new software-based router which pulls far ahead of its competition when performance results are compared. After all, this virtual box is touted to transmit data at 40Gbps, which is a whole […]


Kingston Introduces Its HyperX H2O Water-cooled Memory Modules
Water-cooled devices are always cool, and it isn’t too often that you see water-cooled RAM modules. That being said, Kingston should have its eye on the overclocking community when it announced its latest HyperX H2O memory modules that are available in dual-channel 4GB and triple-channel 6GB kits, priced at $157 and $235 respectively. Aside from the performance benefits of being able to overclock your RAM modules more due to the […]