Virtual router is super cheap but excellent performer

Cheap and good – now that’s a mantra that might be what most people are looking at in these economically challenging times, but such devices/services/items are hard to come by. South Korean researchers could be onto something with a new software-based router which pulls far ahead of its competition when performance results are compared. After all, this virtual box is touted to transmit data at 40Gbps, which is a whole lot more in comparison to the standard 2Gbps or 3Gbps figures. Not only that, it will be easy on your pockets as it runs on cheap, store-bought components. How does a virtual router work? Well, it will go around emulating the proprietary components of a hardware router on inexpensive, easily procured chips. Virtual routers could help lower the number of physical boxes required in an area, which would translate to more floor space (and a cleaner environment to boot).

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