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Cat headphones meows its way to the market by Sol Republic
What is the world coming to these days? Well, some of us tend to treat our pets better than our human friends and relatives, which certainly raises eyebrows. If you thought that your cat should share your love of Justin Bieber, then you might want to consider getting it a pair of cat headphones from Sol Republic. What’s that, you ask? Yes, cat headphones – which is certainly a confirmation […]

Paws doggie-cam aid search and rescue efforts
Dog’s are truly man’s best friend – and they can be properly trained to help us out in different situations such as search and rescue efforts, which is where the Paws doggie-cam comes in – being short for Portable All-terrain Wireless System. After all, a dog has an extremely keen sense of smell, and it is far more agile and capable of getting through to those nooks and crannies which […]

Tagg Pet Tracker will alert you by email/text when your pet wanders off too far
There are probably people out there who treat their pets as more than just animals, even treating them as though they are family, so we can only imagine the pain and anguish they must feel when they lose their pets who may have wandered off and have gotten lost. Given that GPS dog collars aren’t exactly new, the Tagg Pet Tracker has added its own take on the existing technology.

Future pet robots could respond to human emotions
Can a robot really “feel” without using algorithms? No matter what, emotions cannot be programmed into a circuit board – at least that’s what we think, although a very close imitation could very well come into play that might fool people into thinking that a robot is capable of feeling, and hence, “love”. Researchers in Taiwan are looking at neural networks as the next frontier in helping them break the […]


Messenger Dogs could be a lifesaver
Messenger dogs have always been a boon on the battlefield in the past, where these faithful four legged animals will be able to ferry important messages across bloody battle fields which could mean having one’s ally send reinforcements in the nick of time. Laura Boffi has come up with the interactive messenger uniform for dogs. This is currently in the conceptual stage, and will function on the premise where messenger […]

Bionaire Odor Grabber Litter Box
If your cat demands only the best, then you’ll need a good litter box to keep it satisfied. While it isn’t decked with gold and jewels, the Bionaire Odor Grabber Litter Box should be enough to satisfy your kitty. Instead of letting the smell of kitty litter turn guests away from your home, the Bionaire Odor Grabber filters the air coming from the litter box, pushing it through a filter, […]

Power Generating Dog Leash
If your pooch has a tendency to keep running long distances away from you while taking walks before you reel it in, this Power Generating Dog Leash will help you make use of all that wasted energy. All that coiling and recoiling of the leash will generate the power to light up the trio of LEDs that are available on this dog leash. To make it even more useful, it […]

Pet Acoustics My Pet Speaker
Once in a while, we come across a device that is so zany, it needs to be seen in order to be believed. Case in point – the My Pet Speaker from Pet Acoustics. This omni-directional sound system comes with a 4″ driver coupled with reduced bass levels and the ability to “disburse music in 360 degrees recreating how animals hear in nature.” To make matters more interesting, it has […]

Mini Wearable Air Purifier For Your Pet
We’ve seen people pamper their pets before, but would you buy a mini air purifier for your pet? Well, the folks who came up with the Mini Wearable Ionizer Air Purifier for Pets certainly think so. Fortunately it doesn’t seem like it will cost as much as normal air purifiers, as it’s going for $17.20. The device can be worn directly on the pet, around the collar, so as to […]

BowLingual Voice Translates Barks
Ever wished you could, on a Tarzan-like level, communicate with fearsome beasts of the wild to make them do your bidding? Well, for folks who want to know what their dogs are thinking, TakaraTomy has revealed the BowLingual Voice device that is touted to feature a 100-word vocabulary and an LCD display that lets you know just how your pooch is feeling at the moment. Too bad only the Japanese […]