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This Robot Will Play With Your Dog While You Are Gone
If you are a pet owner, chances are you will feel pretty guilty when you have to leave your pets behind while you are traveling to school, work, and especially on extended holidays. However the good news is that there is a robot toy by the name of the GoBone that will keep your pet entertained while you are gone.

LG Rolling Bot Wants To Entertain Your Pets
Under the moto “Play”, LG has launched a series of really interesting companion devices along its LG G5 high-end phone. One of my favorites is the LG Rolling Bot, a spherical-shaped robot that can stay home and act as a surveillance robot, or “care” for your pets, according to LG.

WhatsYapp Lets Your Dog ‘Talk’ To You
Dogs are a man’s best friend, or so we have been told. Well, if a 3-legged pit bull can help to foil a robbery simply by barking, imagine what can happen in the future if we could actually understand what your pooch was barking about. This is one dog collar that intends to function in the same way that the dog collar in the Disney Pixar film “Up”, where it […]

3-Legged Pit Bull Foils Robbery
Dogs are a man’s best friend – or so the saying goes, and there has been many different kinds of case studies and examples where such pooches have done their bit in keeping their human masters safe. Here is yet another situation – where a three-legged Wisconsin pit bull known as Levi assisted in foiling a robbery, even though the would-be robber was armed with a gun. Levi began to […]


PetChatz Lets Your Pets Video Chat With You
If you own a pet like a cat or a dog, chances are you are very attached to them just as they are to you. However sometimes because of holiday or work, you have to leave them at home or with a friend/family member until you get back. No doubt your pet misses you quite a bit, and the good news is that they can now get in touch with […]

Buddy Is A Smart Collar For Your Dog
Dog collars are pretty standard in the sense that you put them around the neck of your dog and you’re done. You can choose to attach a leash to it if you want, and sometimes dog owners can also add a little tag to display their pet’s name or their address so that people know where to return the dog to if it is lost.However a Kickstarter project called Buddy […]

The Bistro Smart Feeder Helps Keep Track Of Your Cat's Health
Taking care of your pet is not as easy as just feeding it and bathing it. You’ve got to make sure that it is eating well as poor appetite could be a sign that something is wrong with him/her. Well if you own a cat and you’d like a more precise way of making sure that they are eating properly, an Indiegogo campaign has been launched for a device called […]

PetWALK Automatic Pet Door Prevents Wet Paw Marks Around The Home
I know for those of us who wear our shoes into the house, there is always a doormat to wipe away whatever dirt that the soles of our shoes have picked up during the day. However, our four legged friends have not been trained to do so, and neither is it their instinct to wipe their paws before they enter your home, which is why a rainy day might result […]

FitBark Tracker For Dogs Gets Slight Hardware Upgrade
Dogs, just like humans, need their exercise as well, and one of the ways to tell if there’s something wrong with your dog is by looking at their activity levels. If a dog is sick and unwell, chances are it is less willing to run around and play like it normally would. Monitoring your dog’s activity levels is one of the things the creators of FitBark are hoping to do. […]

PetChatz Helps You Communicate With Your Pet While You're Gone
We’re sure there are many of you who can’t live without having your pet by your side everywhere you go, which results of the constant tug of war between going to work or just quitting altogether to spend every moment with your pet. If you’ve ever experienced this kind of heartache, then PetChatz will help make things a little better during those moments when you can’t be with your pet.

Indoor Dog Toilet Promises An Odor-Free Home
If there is one huge advantage that a robotic dog like the Sony Aibo of yore has over actual dogs, it would be this – they do not bark at strangers, won’t run around as they please, and most importantly, there is no poop at all to pick up after. Of course, those cons are not enough to substitute for the presence of an actual pet dog, this I am […]

Disabled Cat Gets Wheelie Legs From Student Robot Club
Cats might not be man’s best friend, but there is a segment of the population who love all things feline as well. Flipper, whom you see in the video above, is a cat who was born with a twisted spine, and that basically sucks since she is unable to walk with all fours being on the same plane. That translates to a disabled cat, one that has to drag her […]

ClimateRight offers a cooling abode for your canine
Earlier this morning, we took a look at the Dog Caller which will inform you on your smartphone should the temperature of your pooch and its surroundings reach dangerously high levels that heat stroke is a possibility, so that you will be able to take some preventive measures. Well, another way of going around this issue would be to purchase the ClimateRight dog house, where this 2,500 BTU unit is […]

Dog Caller calls owner when it gets too hot
Summers can be sweltering, where the mercury shoots up all the way – and we humans who have the advantage of air conditioning might not figure out just how it feels like to be a black Labrador Retriever with a double coat. Good thing there are those cooling down coats that dogs can wear to keep themselves cool, while pooches in the future might soon be able to wear special […]