New Lenovo Project Tango Phone Might Be Released In 2017

Google introduced Project Tango about two years ago. The idea is to use special sensors on a mobile device to map 3D spaces for augmented reality applications. Lenovo was the first to come out with a Project Tango device, the Phab2 Pro. The device has received mixed reviews but that was to be expected since it’s a first-generation device. It appears that the company might be working on a new […]

Lenovo’s First Project Tango Smartphone Out Today

The first Project Tango smartphone was unveiled by Lenovo. It showed off the Phab2 Pro earlier this year in June and said that it would be released by the fall. We heard a rumor recently which suggested that the handset might be launched on November 15th and that has indeed turned out to be the case. Lenovo today announced the release of its first Project Tango smartphone, the Phab2 Pro.

Lenovo Phab2 Pro Project Tango Handset Likely Out November 1st

Lenovo announced its Project Tango smartphone a few months ago, called the Phab2 Pro, it was supposed to be released in the summer this year but it was delayed. The company said that it would release this handset at some point in the fall this year and today it appears to have quietly revealed when the Phab2 Pro is going to be released. Lenovo Phab2 Pro Project Tango smartphone might […]

Lenovo Phab2 Pro Project Tango Phone Arrives Next Month

Lenovo confirmed its Project Tango smartphone a few months ago. It’s called the Phab2 Pro and it was actually supposed to be released this summer but it’s not out yet. Lenovo delayed the release and said that it would be released at some point in the fall this year. Some even speculated that perhaps this handset may never see the light of day. A new report claims that Lenovo is […]


Lenovo PHAB 2 Pro: World’s First Google Tango Phone

It’s been two years since Google launched Project Tango, a technology which combines both hardware and software to give handsets and tablets a visual and spatial awareness which they didn’t have until now. The development phase is over, and the Lenovo PHAB 2 Pro is the first commercial handset to use the technology and we had an opportunity to take the early units for a short spin.