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Samsung HMX-Q10 Camcorder with Switch Grip
[CES 2011] The HMX-Q10 is a mid-range Full HD camcorder featuring a 5 MP BSI CMOS sensor delivering improved low-light performance, and a  Schneider-Kreuznach Varioplan-HD F1.8 10x optical zoom lens with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization). Aside the regular specifications one would expect from a camcorder, the unique feature of the device is the Switch Grip technology with Easy Operation: the G-magnetic sensor integrated in the HMX-Q10 recognizes the angle and […]

Olympus XZ1 With OLED Screen
Another day and another rumor from 43rumors: according to their source, there will be a bunch of new cameras from Olympus and Panasonic unveiled at CES. The XZ1 is a high end compact camera featuring the same sensor as the Panasonic LX5 (10 MP, 1:1), a great 28-112mm f/1.8-2.5 Lens and a OLED LCD (610k resolution). OLED is good to lower the power consumption, but it is not ideal for […]

Samsung WB700 24x Zoom
[CES 2011] Samsung is heading to CES with the launch of two new cameras, the WB700 upgrades the WB650 with a an 24X zoom, made up of an 18X optical zoom and 1.3X digital zoom dubbed “SmartZoom”. The mega-pixel number has been increased from 14.2 in the previous model  to 16, the WB 700 boasts a 24-432 mm ultra-wide Schneider-KREUZNACH lens, 720p* HD video recording (H.264 format) and a new […]

Samsung NX11 mirrorless camera, launched
[CES 2011] Samsung has just told us that its NX11 mirrorless camera has launched. It is the latest interchangeable lens camera in a family that includes the NX10 and NX100. Samsung points out that the NX11 is mostly like the NX10, except that it supports i-Function, a single-operation tweaking mechanism that lets the user change a setting by rotating a ring on the lens itself, in essence , making it […]


Mysterious Sony Ericsson Hallon pictured?
Here’s a rather interesting leak for Sony Ericsson fans out there. Pictures of an unknown Sony Ericsson phone have surfaced, and the speculation is that it’s codenamed Hallon, bearing the model number MT15i. The pictures show that it’s running Android and should be an Android 2.3 Gingerbread build. A microUSB and 3.5mm headphone jack can be seen at the top of the device, along with an unusually large lens of […]

Killer App Revamped: Yahoo! Mail Beta
Yahoo! Mail @ Yahoo! Video Tonight at 9 pm Pacific, Yahoo! will launch its revamped mail application aka Yahoo! Mail Beta. I checked it rapidly using my personal account and the design looks sleeker. In the new version, Yahoo! did a good job at integrating photo and video viewing and sharing directly from the inbox – I can tell simply by looking at the screen shots the company sent me […]

Samsung ST600 and ST100 dual-screen compact cameras
Samsung just launched two new mid-range compact digital cameras named ST600 (27mm, f4.9) and ST100 (35mm, f6.3) – I wish that they both had an f2.8 lens for dim lighting shots. Both cameras share a lot of things in common: practically all their software and features are similar, and both feature a dual-screen system that is activated by a simple tap on the front display. They also come with KREUZNACH […]

Casio Exilim EX-Z2000 digital camera
[CES 2010] Casio has outed its latest 14.1 megapixel digital camera in the form of the EX-Z2000 from its Exilim series, packing in a wide-angle 26 mm 5X optical zoom and a 3.0″ Super Clear LCD display into a relatively compact, thin body. You get CCD-shift image stabilization and HD Movie capability with the EX-Z2000, where it boasts an interesting and fresh form finished in natural curves which are guaranteed […]

Casio Exilim EX-Z550 digital camera
[CES 2010] You can expect a deluge of product announcements from companies come CES, and it is no different with Casio as they just unveiled the Exilim EX-Z550 digital camera which looks and sounds like a pretty decent entry-level digital camera. After all, you definitely can’t argue with 14.1 effective megapixels (that seems to be the standard these days) with a wide-angle 26 mm 4X optical zoom lens, a clear […]

Kodak EasyShare M580 camera
[CES 2010] The world will never tire of consumer-level digital cameras, and Kodak continues to cater to this crowd with the EasyShare M580 which comes with a unique feature – the Share Button that offers quick and easy uploads of your snapped photos to Flickr, Facebook, Kodak Gallery and even YouTube (for videos, of course). Apart from that, other features include a Smart Face Recognition capability, a 3″ bright LCD […]

Kodak Pulse Digital Frame
[CES 2010] Kodak, being an old hand when it comes to photography (having moved to the digital format), is now back with their Pulse digital frame. In line with other digital photo frames of the times, the Pulse will feature Wi-Fi connectivity alongside a personal email address that allows you to remotely send a photo over via a cellphone or computer to keep the image library there fresh and up-to-date. […]

Sony Digital Frame with built-in printer
This Sony DPP-F700 digital frame has a built-in color that can output 6×4″, 300dpi photos in just 45 seconds. The main display is a 7″ LCD screen with a 800×480 resolution. It’s not a touch display, but the buttons on the right side of the frame will let you edit photos and do basic corrections before printing. The photos can come from flashcards (SD, CF, Memory Stick…) or via USB, […]

Sandisk Extreme Pro compact flash cards
You might think of Compact Flash (CF) cards as a commodity, and it’s mostly true, except for the very high-end where the Sandisk Extreme Pro sits. Aimed at the professionals (and enthusiast) photographers, the “Extreme Pro” series can read and write twice as fast as the previous generation of Sandisk Extreme CFs. We’re talking about a peak rate of 90MB/s versus 45MB/s. Sandisk has achieved this by using a new […]

Samsung WB5000 with 24X zoom, for Q4 2009
Samsung is getting ready to show its WB5000 digital camera that has a 24X optical zoom (26mm lens) – who doesn’t love that? That’s not it, the camera can also shoot in RAW format for those who are perfectionists when it comes to aperture and color balance. They can now correct everything from the comfort of their computers. The Samsung WB5000 captures 12.5 Megapixel images and 720p videos. Just like […]