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Skyrim Legendary Edition Coming June 4 To PC, Xbox 360, PS3
We caught wind of Bethesda possibly planning on releasing a “Legendary Edition” of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim due to Polish retailer Ultima leaking its existence by listing it prior to the company’s big announcement. It looks as though Ultima’s slip-up turned out to be true as Bethesda has just announced they will be releasing Skyrim: Legendary Edition.The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition will include the original game and its […]

Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection Brings Six Games To The PS3 This June
With Konami announcing Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain last month, the company has decided the new hero of its upcoming game will be Big Boss, a.k.a Naked Snake, and not Solid Snake. But Solid Snake has had quite the legacy, which is why Konami is announcing they’re bundling nearly the entire collection of Metal Gear Solid games in one easily digestible collection.The Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection […]

PlayStation 4 Is Not A Successor To The PlayStation 3, But An Addition To The Family, According To Sony General Manager
When Sony announced the PlayStation 4, many rightfully assumed that the console would be the successor to the PlayStation 3, much like how the PS3 was the successor to the PS2 and so on. However it seems that Sony’s Middle East general manager has a very different view of the console, claiming that the PS4 is not so much a successor to the PS3, but rather an “addition to the […]

Castle Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse Remake Coming Summer 2013
One of the most iconic 2D platforms of the 16-bit generation had to be Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse. It seems if you or anyone else owned a SEGA Genesis, then they also had this great platformer, which is why both Disney and SEGA are teaming up once again to create a remake of the game to be released this summer.Disney Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse will be […]


Rayman Legends Delay Resulted In 30 New Levels, New Boss Battles
Rayman Legends’ delay may have brought the game to additional platforms, but ultimately, fans of Rayman Origins looking for more Rayman goodness are left without their fix, that is, until Ubisoft releases its second demo of the game on the Wii U later this month. But its seven-month delay is being used in the best way possible: by adding more content.Rayman Legeds’ senior game manager Michael Micholic revealed to Official Nintendo […]

Free-To-Play Ridge Racer Driftopia Headed To PS3, PC In 2013
Namco Bandai’s Ridge Racer series has always been considered a more arcade-y racing game as its gameplay mechanics, especially when drifting, can be considered to be extremely exaggerated. The next game in the series will take an equally exaggerated step in another direction, but it isn’t to make its gameplay crazier, instead, it’s a step in the free-to-play direction.Ridge Racer Driftopia will be the first Ridge Racer title that will […]

Ubisoft Announces Flashback Remake For XBLA, PSN
Ubisoft isn’t a stranger to bringing classic video games series to the modern as they have taken franchises like Prince of Persia to new heights, even remaking the classic game for a number of platforms. It looks like they’re aiming their sights at another classic game to receive a remake, Delphine Software’s Flashback.Ubisoft’s remake of Flashback is currently in development by VectroCell to be released on the Xbox Live Arcade […]

Batman: Arkham Origins Coming October 25 For PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U
One of this console generation’s most beloved video game franchise has to be the Batman: Arkham series as both Batman: Arkham Asylum and City were highly-praised games. The next entry into the Batman: Arkham series has just been announced and is called Batman: Arkham Origins.Batman: Arkham Origins is expected to be released on October 25, 2013 for PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U and will be a prequel […]

God of War: Ascension 1.0.4 Update Raises Level Cap, Spartan-Kicks Bugs
The latest 1.0.3 update for God of War: Ascension was released just a little over a week ago and Sony Santa Monica is already talking about upcoming changes planned for its 1.0.4 update.One of the first big changes planned for God of War: Ascension’s 1.0.4 update will raise the level cap of the game’s multiplayer mode from 30 to 40 for each God allegiance. In addition to those 10 additional levels, […]

EPIX Launches On PS3, PS Plus Subscribers Get A Free Movie Every Week
At the beginning of 2013, Sony announced it would be welcoming EPIX into its stable of video streaming applications for both its PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. It took nearly three months since their original announcement, but EPIX is finally available on the PlayStation 3 starting today.EPIX, just like other premium cable channels, will require you to be a subscriber of its service in order for you to get everything […]

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories Headed To PSN Next Week
Rockstar Games has been steadily re-releasing its Grand Theft Auto games on the PlayStation Network as we’ve seen releases for Grand Theft Auto 3 , Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The only other Grand Theft Auto games that have yet to be released onto the PSN are its Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories, and those are the two exact games that are being planned for […]

Watch 17 Minutes Of Battlefield 4 Gameplay Footage
EA’s Battlefield 4 will be released this fall where it’s expected to be released onto the PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and possibly next-generation consoles that don’t include the Wii U, which has many long-time fans giddy with excitement. To help further fan these flames, EA released a new 17 minute gameplay video of Battlefield 4 in action, which we knew you would want to see for yourself.With Battlefield 4, […]

DuckTales Remastered Coming To XBLA, PSN, Wii U This Summer
Capcom has been delighting its faithful legion of old-school gaming fans with remastered versions of some of its most popular classic games. We’ve seen its Street Fighter series, Bionic Commando and some other classic titles remastered, but this weekend, they announced one of their most iconic adventures will be remastered for the current generation of gamers to enjoy.Capcom’s DuckTales Remastered is being developed by Double Dragon Neon’s WayForward to deliver […]

Borderlands 2 Level Cap Increase And New Character Announced
Gearbox, the developers of Borderlands 2, announced at a panel at PAX East conference that they will be increasing the level cap of the game and will also be adding a new character. The level cap raise will come in effect on April 2nd for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC gamers. It adds 11 new levels, bringing the total up to 51 levels. Season Pass holders will get it for […]