Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us will be releasing on May 7 for the PlayStation 3, and the trailers that have been released for the game have already colored us impressed. We’ve seen the game’s story slowly progress as well as a number of stealth-action sequences, but the gameplay footage that’s been released today shows a completely different side of The Last of Us.

The gameplay footage that was captured by GamesHQMedia shows just three minutes of in-game footage, but it does a lot in those three minutes. In the video, we see Joel making his way through a dark train station that’s filled with what looks to be infected zombies, which are randomly shuffling around through the station. Ellie assists Joel as she whispers suggestions to him in order to help with the dangerous process of getting rid of each of the infected that are in their way.

What makes the footage so great is the sound effects, which we’re sure once the game releases, we’ll be jumping all over our couch at any little creepy sound effect we hear in the dark. Judging by the ending of this video, we’ll have a very good reason to be jumpy in the dark.

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