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Sony Begins Testing Improved Video Streaming Service For PlayStation Store
Sony is beta testing a faster and more adaptive format by offering a number of films at discounted prices.

Sony PlayStation Store Version 1.02 Updated
You know what they say – the old must go before the new will come, and the same can be said of the new and latest version of the Sony PlayStation Store, which has been bumped up to version 1.02. Thing is, the previous version not only looked better than the even older version (but of course, that would only make perfect sense), unfortunately, some have said that the performance […]

PS Store for PS3 revamped
Sony has recently announced that they are more than proud and happy to introduce a spanking new PlayStation Store specially for the PS3 console. The entire PlayStation Store’s interface is said to have been overhauled, boasting of a more streamlined look, and it will no doubt need to live up to expectations, hence sporting snappier response times in addition to a layout that is more hierarchical, resulting in fewer top-level […]

Sony announces PlayStation Store for PlayStation Mobile
If you own a PlayStation-certified Sony Xperia Android handset, it looks like your wallets might be on the verge of getting lighter. Sony has officially announced that come 3rd of October, they will be launching the PlayStation Store for PlayStation Mobile. Basically this will give users with PlayStation-certified devices access to the store where they will be able to purchase PlayStation Mobile games. Not everyone will be getting access to […]


Sony's PlayStation Store taken down to comply with new South Korean law
We know that when it comes to gaming, South Korea has both a vibrant and a rather strict gaming culture going on at the same time. Now it seems that PlayStation 3 gamers who are looking to access the PlayStation Store in South Korea might suddenly find themselves unable to access it. According to reports, a new “Game Industry Promotion Act” will be going into effect starting on the 1st […]

Sony Xperia S can access PlayStation Store now
Do you fancy the Sony Xperia S badly enough, that you are willing to put off any and all smartphone purchases between now and the date when the Sony Xperia S hits the market? Well, we now know that there might just be another attracting factor to place the Sony Xperia S on your smartphone shortlist if you are in the market for one – it will now be able […]

PS Store now on Sony Tablet S
Are you rocking to the brand new Sony Tablet S? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you might be interested to know that the famous PlayStation Store, or better known as the PS Store for short, has now opened up its gates to said tablet device. There are currently 10 PSone games available to choose from, so you can indulge in titles such as Destruction Derby, Hot Shots […]

SNK Playmore USA releases 8 pre-NEOGEO era Arcade classics on the PlayStation Store
Retro gamers with PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable consoles rejoice! (Well, if you were a retro gamer you probably wouldn’t even be playing with a modern console in the first place but I digress.) SNK Playmore USA has just announced that they will be giving today’s generation of gamers the chance to relive the good ol’ days of the SNK NEGOGEO console. Starting today, eight SNK Arcade Classics will be […]

PlayStation Store not returning today after all
Remember that previous report that suggested the PlayStation Store would return by May 24? Yeah, it looks like that’s not happening. Sony’s official stance by way of the PlayStation Blog is that the store is on track to be restored by the end of this month. Well, there’s seven more days until the month is over, so we’re going to give Sony the benefit of the doubt that the PlayStation […]

Next PS3 Firmware Update Adds PlayStation Store Recommendations
Sony has unveiled one of the features of the upcoming PS3 firmware update. With the 3.41 firmware installed, users will be greeted with recommendations for games and videos in the PlayStation Store, which should help promote popular titles to the users. So when users are reading the details of a certain title, they will see a new “You May Like” section on the right suggesting other items that they might […]