Could the Cowon X9 be a super portable media player?

Well, the Cowon X9 is said to upgrade itself from the Cowon X7 which was released last year, where it will feature built-in flash memory to get you started right out of the box without the need for a hard drive. After all, hard drives do come with moving parts inside, so if it were to go through bumps and knocks while traveling, there is always a chance of the […]

Panasonic SV-ME1000 waterproof Android-powered portable media player

So we did talk about a couple of water resistant smartphones from Sony yesterday, and perhaps there might just have enough demand for a water resistant portable media player, too. After all, since there are water resistant headphones in the market, who are we to say that there should not be water resistant PMPs as well to go alongside such peripherals? The Panasonic SV-ME1000 is certainly one of them, where […]

Fulljoin NMP001 Internet radio

The Fulljoin NMP001 Internet radio is no ordinary device, although it does look like some sort of cheap portable media player, as it fulfills your visual needs as well by supporting Internet TV streaming. Granted, you will not be able to see much with the 2.4″ LCD display, but at least it is better than just listening to a DJ rant on and on, right? Variety, after all, is the […]

Ematic eSport Clip is a portable video player

If you’re always on the go and you’re looking for a portable media player and don’t want to drain your smartphone’s batteries watching videos you might want to check out Ematic’s eSport Clip. Launching today, the eSport Clip features a 1.8″ color display for playing your videos, images or even eBooks and text files that you might want to read. It may be a bit tiny when compared to your […]


Cowon Z2 media player hits the FCC

Looking for a new portable media player on the market that isn’t the iPod touch? Cowon has got a new player that could be what you’re looking for. It’s been reported that the Cowon Z2 media player has recently earned its stamp of approval from the FCC. While there weren’t many details released about the player, it does look pretty sweet, judging by a photograph of its rear. The player […]

Galaxy Player 4.0 and 5.0 now available

It’s been awhile since Samsung’s upcoming portable Android media players (PMP) were introduced to the world. Those of you who have been waiting to get your hands on one – we’ve got some good news. The wait is finally over. The Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 and 5.0 are now available for purchase on this side of the world. For those of you that need a quick refresher, these PMPs are […]

Skytex Primer Pocket Android portable media player

The Android operating system competes with the iOS on three fronts – the smartphone, tablet, and last but not least, in the realm of portable media players. While the iPhone does have its fair share of worries from Android-powered devices, the iPad 2 is still miles ahead of its competition, with the iPod touch remaining as the undisputed king of portable media players. Skytex takes a stab at challenging the […]

Timesnap lets you watch movies on your wrist

Annoyed that your 6th generation iPod Nano watch doesn’t let you watch movies on your wrist? Well you don’t have to be anymore. The folks over at Chinavision have come up with the Timesnap; a portable media player on a wrist strap that resembles the iPod Nano albeit missing its touchscreen. However it does come with an iPod Nano-lookalike user interface. It features a full color 1.5″ display that’s housed […]

Philips unveils the GoGear Muse 3 portable media player

The thing about portable media players is that they tend to rely on the use of headphones/earphones, which is great when used in loud and noisy environments, but it could potentially damage your hearing, especially if you’re the type that likes to listen to their music super loud.

Cowon D3 finally receives Android 2.3 Gingerbread update

Cowon’s D3 portable media player has finally been updated to reach Android 2.3 Gingerbread, helping it keep up its pace with the rest of the Android-powered devices in the market at the moment. This is interesting as the D3 has long remained in Android 2.1 Eclair territory, so if you still rock to a Cowon D3, then this is the update for you after patiently waiting for the longest time. […]

iRiver P8 rolls out in Mother Russia

Portable media players used to be all the rage, until smartphones caught up with the game and changed everything. Take a look at even your mid-range smartphone today – surely with its full touchscreen display, you are able to launch your favorite music videos or MP3s with but a few deft touches? This begs the question – is the dedicated portable media player an extinct device in this day and […]

Creative ZEN Style M300 portable media player

The portable media player is more or less dominated by the iPod over the years, and it has remained so since then with nary a worthy challenger in sight. Of course, Microsoft did try with their Zune, but sad to say, the software giant has failed to take over the iPod’s mantle. Well, Creative does have its fair share of fans, and intend to make a statement with the Creative […]

Philips GoGear Connect MP4 Player runs on Android

Following in the footsteps of Samsung’s Galaxy Player PMP (Portable Media Player), Philips has just announced an Android PMP of their own. Called the GoGear Connect MP4 Player, it’s basically a mini Android tablet without 3G. Or you could call it an Android smartphone without phone capabilities and 3G.

Cowon C2 portable media player

The Cowon C2 portable media player takes on a cute form factor, where it does seem to resemble that of an oversized keyboard button, although the display maxes out at just 2.6″. Being a resistive touchscreen display that has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, you will get TV-out with this puppy, accompanied by a microSD memory card slot, DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting), a USB port and a choice […]