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Nixon's The Blaster: Blast Nonstop For 18 Hours
Nixon’s The Blaster bluetooth speaker is the winner of an award in the accessory category at the 2013 ISPO awards.  The speaker sports a lightweight weather and shock resistant body with Bluetooth sync capability. But a lot of other systems also boast of the same features. So what is it that sets the Blaster speaker apart from its competition? The speaker’s battery willlast up to 18 hours on a single […]

Big Blue and Big Blue Live Wireless Speakers announced
Whenever the name Big Blue is invoked, we would more or less think that it has something to do with IBM – after all, that is what the company is synonymous for over the past few decades. There are two models from Big Blue Audio being made available to the masses from Brookstone, where both of these devices will come with the signature Power. Pair. Play. interface. Not only do […]

Yamaha PDX-11 portable speaker system takes the rugged route
Want to play the role of Mr Tough Guy? Well, you can’t really go wrong with the Yamaha PDX-11 portable speaker system, where this octaganol unit will be equipped with a decent 4″ woofer as well as accompanied by a 3/8″ tweeter. All of that circuitry will require the juice of half a dozen AA batteries, which in turn will enable you to enjoy up to 8 hours of non-stop […]

X-Mini unveils KAI pocket Bluetooth speakers
Those who are familiar with X-Mini’s 1.1 portable speakers can’t be blamed if they mistook the speakers above for the same model, but they aren’t. In fact the speakers pictured above belong to X-Mini’s KAI pocket Bluetooth speakers, which based on the design has remained largely similar to its predecessor in terms of appearances.


Skull MP3 Player II makes for good Halloween decorations
If you’re planning on holding a Halloween party in your house, why not keep to theme of things and pump scary music through the Skull MP3 Player II by Brando? For those who follow Brando’s products, the Skull MP3 Player II is the successor to the Skull MP3 Player, which featured a more futuristic look with its light-up eyes and everything.

Singbox SV-606 speakers are small and portable
If you think that the picture above is actually a photo of salt and pepper shakers, you would be wrong, but you can’t be blamed as they do bear a close resemblance. However, in reality they’re actually a set of speakers named the Singbox SV-606.

Genius reveals trio of portable speakers - SP-i170, SP-i177 and SP-i300
Genius has unveiled three more portable speakers to the market in the coming days, where they are the SP-i170, SP-i177 and SP-i300. All three of them are stated to deliver the ability to resonate superb sound from popular electronic devices, and are a snap to recharge. Featuring a built-in battery, audio will go on for up to 8 hours, and since they’re extremely compact, they are a snap to tote […]

Sound Bag makes for portable audio sharing
Portable speakers aren’t exactly thumping when it comes to sharing your music within a group, hence Dobson decided to take things into his own hands by placing speakers within a backpack, calling it the Sound Bag. What you get would be a couple of large speakers that are powered by a 50W amplifier which in turn is powered by a 7000mAh battery that is able to last anywhere from 15 […]