Nixon’s The Blaster bluetooth speaker is the winner of an award in the accessory category at the 2013 ISPO awards.  The speaker sports a lightweight weather and shock resistant body with Bluetooth sync capability. But a lot of other systems also boast of the same features. So what is it that sets the Blaster speaker apart from its competition? The speaker’s battery willlast up to 18 hours on a single charge. Most  portable speakers last up to 10 hours of play. This feature could give Nixon the edge as users of the Blaster system will be quite pleased with the extended play time.Nixon has been around producing great watches and clothing items, but the Blaster marks Nixon’s entry into the mobile Bluetooth speaker range. “The Blaster is a true reflection of seeing our ‘team-designed, custom-built’ focus at work through product and design,” stated Nixon co-founder, Chad DiNenna. “The Blaster was realized and developed through the experience of our team of athletes and artists. We created The Blaster with this in mind and what resulted was a product that elevates the experience of what we do, wherever we do it.” The Blaster is set to hit the stores in May 2013. Specs and price of the speaker is yet to be announced and although we aren’t sure about the sound quality, but the 18 hours play time will surely make a lasting impression.

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