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Unreleased HP webOS devices spotted in the wild
HP might be done with producing anymore webOS devices after its final batch of TouchPad tablets, but that doesn’t mean that existing devices that have already been purchased are going to disappear. Like the legendary white HP TouchPad that went on sale across the Atlantic but not stateside. The folks over at Engadget managed to spot the white European HP TouchPad, the black TouchPad 4G for AT&T, and the Pre […]

Save webOS video tribute and plea released
With HP’s recent decision to stop producing webOS devices and its decision to not license the operating system to other manufacturers, it really looks like webOS as we know it has received the final nail in its coffin. If you’re upset about it, you’re not the only one, and recent price cuts and refunds won’t be bringing this OS back to life, however it might not be too late to […]

HP Terminates WebOS Devices
In the wake of slow sales of WebOS devices, HP has announced that it is terminating its line of WebOS devices, which includes the TouchPad Tablet and the smartphones. HP has announced this as it revealed its quarterly revenue of $32.2 Billion, up slightly when compared to last year.If there’s one thing to take away from this announcement, it is this: competing in the hardware space is extremely tough and […]

HP Pre 3 shows up on Orange UK website
It’s been many months since the HP Pre 3 was announced to the public, and we’re still not any closer to seeing the device on sale. Well, all that changed last Friday, when the folks over at precentral spotted an entry for the HP Pre 3 on the help & support section of the Orange UK website. Now it’s by no means a confirmation about the phone being released soon, […]


Palm Pre and Pixi owners receive $50 mail-in rebate on $599 HP TouchPad
Want a new HP TouchPad, but find its $599 price tag to be rather intimidating? Well, you are one fortunate soul if you happen to own a Palm Pre or Palm Pixi (with the Plus versions of both models), as owners of said smartphones are eligible for a $50 mail-in rebate for the 32GB HP TouchPad. Granted, that is less than 10% of the retail price, but every little bit […]

Palm Pre 2 owners receive webOS 2.1
webOS 3.0 might be arriving just around the corner, but it looks like HP isn’t going to be neglecting their current webOS customers. It has been reported that the webOS 2.1 update has started rolling out to Pre 2 phones worldwide. At the moment it’s only the unlocked GSM phones that are getting the update but we can be sure a CDMA version will drop soon. The webOS 2.1 update […]

Rubinstein: Palm Pre, Pre Plus and Pixi not getting webOS 2.0 upgrade
This is bad news for owners of the original Palm Pre, Pre Plus and Pixi, as according to folks to talked who Jon Rubinstein after HP’s webOS event, it has been confirmed that said devices won’t be receiving the previously promised update to webOS 2.0. According to Rubinstein, Palm had missed a product cycle in the midst of its financial troubles and subsequent acquisition by HP and the older products […]

HP Pre 3 – Pre 2′s successor
With the Pre 2 going up for pre-order tomorrow, we wonder why HP chose today to unveil such a device. It pretty much guarantees nobody is going to place an order for the Pre 2 once they hear about the Pre 3. The Pre 3 is HP’s sexy new webOS phone and from its specs, we don’t disagree. No dual-core processor for this phone, but the Pre 3 will pack […]

Slacker Radio offers service on bevy of Palm devices
Owners of the Palm Pre, Pre Plus, Pixi and Pre Plus need not sit around and mope anymore with news of Slacker Radio offering the ability to tune in to Slacker Radio wherever they are, thanks to the erstwhile free Slacker Radio app. Similar in nature to other Slacker applications on both the BlackBerry and iPhone, you are able to create custom stations, choose from more than 120 expert-programmed genres […]

Palm Pre Plus And Pixi Plus Pricing Rumor
This is still at “rumor” status, but if you’ve been wondering about the price of the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus even since Palm announced them during CES 2010, word is going around that the Palm Pre Plus will be going for $149.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate and customary contract, while the Pixi Plus will be going at a promotional price of $99.99 after some rebates. If that’s […]

Otterbox Tandiem Series
[CES 2010] Today marks the release of the Otterbox Tandiem Series which features a polycarbonate case with over-molding on a single piece. This means it boasts versatility and offers superior protection to the device that it protects. And just which is the lucky beneficiary? Why, the Palm pre, of course! We’re pretty sure it can fit nicely onto the Palm pre plus that was just announced earlier this morning, where […]

Palm Press Conference Wrap-Up
[CES 2010] Palm picked up a slew of accolades at CES last year with the release of their pre smartphone as well as its webOS, but somehow they did not manage to translate that success on the commercial front to one huge money spinning business. Well, let us hope that things will look up for them this year with all the hard work put in, and here’s a more detailed […]

Palm Pre Review: Don't Call it an iPhone Killer
Publisher’s note: unlike the older Palm Pre mini Review, this post was written with the final retail version of the Palm Pre. Remember the old “Don’t call it a phone” ads for wireless company Helio? I was reminded of the “don’t call it” imperative when I first laid my fingers on the new Palm Pre from Sprint this evening. Everyone wants to know how it compares to Apple’s iconic handheld. […]

Palm Pre Training Starting on May 6th for Sprint Employees
There is a bizarre confusion as whether the Pre training for Palm reps will start on Wednesday or Thursday of this week, but what’s important is that it is an indication that the launch is imminent despite some predictions that the Pre is “dead on arrival” or DOA. Sprint is rallying its troops but at the same time, reminds its employees that this still needs to be a secret. Sprintgurus […]

Is Palm As Dead as Ashok Kumar (Analyst) Says?
Ashok Kumar, an analyst for Collin Stewart thinks that the Palm Pre is Dead on Arrival (DOA). He claims that the recent rumor of supply control are in fact wrong. Palm would be reducing the production because it is still having “multiple software and hardware problems”. As a result, Mr Kumar thinks that Palm will fall short of the 1M unit shipped by year’s end. That’s “highly unrealistic” he says.That […]