Save webOS

With HP’s recent decision to stop producing webOS devices and its decision to not license the operating system to other manufacturers, it really looks like webOS as we know it has received the final nail in its coffin. If you’re upset about it, you’re not the only one, and recent price cuts and refunds won’t be bringing this OS back to life, however it might not be too late to beg HP one more time.

Heiko Thies (hethfilms on YouTube) recently came up with a video clip showing off the video producer’s love for the operating system, and it ends with a simple message: “@HP #savewebos”, which is basically telling Twitter users all over the world to send it to HP to change their minds about pulling the plug. Regardless of whether it works or not, it sure is a fitting tribute to the short-lived operating system that was destined to do great things. Check out the video and head over to Twitter to send @HP a message if you feel the same way.

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