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NEC expands U Series with 3000 lumen U300X and 3100 lumen U310W projectors
Could 3000 lumens be the next benchmark for projectors if they’re going to duke it out in the mass market? Perhaps, as NEC too (like Casio) has announced two more models of projectors from the U Series line, sporting 3000 and 3100 lumens of brightness in the U300X and U310W projectors, respectively. At that kind of brightness, shadows and glare which are normally found in standard projection systems are eliminated. […]

Microvision unveils direct green laser pico projector prototypes
Microvision has just announced that they managed to integrate direct green laser samples into pico projector prototypes successfully. Why green lasers? Well, they offer a rather significant advantage where size, power, performance and price is concerned. The current PicoP engine from Microvision uses a frequency-doubled “synthetic” green laser, where these infrared lasers are manipulated to reduce the wavelength, hence resulting in the production of green light. Of course, for the […]

Sony VW90ES 3D home cinema projector hits the ground running at IFA 2010
Hmmm, stereoscopic 3D TVs aren’t the only hot ticket items around, as the Sony VW90ES 3D home cinema projector will certainly have some people torn between the two when it comes to making a purchase decision. Capable of projecting full 1080p HD video, this won’t come cheap – we’re pretty sure about that. You will also be able to use this for everyday 3D and 2D gaming/movie use, but make […]

Optoma Game Time projectors start to ship
Optoma has started to ship its Game Time projectors, where the new series comprises of the GT360, GT700, and GT720. The GT360 is equipped with 2,500 ANSI lumens, a 3,000:1 contrast ratio, and SVGA (800 x 600) resolution, while the GT700 is slightly dimmer with 2,300 ANSI lumens and a 2,500:1 contrast ratio, although you do get a higher level of resolution at WXGA (1280 x 800) quality. Last but […]


Evolution 6000 Series projector mounts
The Click & Switch is a new projector mounting system from Vogel which features a universal design that can be used in different rooms in various ways with just a single click.The Evolution 6000 Series for projectors can be traditionally mounted on the ceiling, wall, or table without purchasing any other accessories.The modular design offers this unprecedented versatility, doing away with a screwdriver after installation as you can basically tuck […]