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PlayStation Move Racing Wheel
I still remember how PS3 owners laughed at the Nintendo Wii when the latter came out with all sorts of casual gaming titles, being lambasted as offering “waggle controls” alongside a slew of plastic peripherals where you slot in the Wiimote such as a golf club, a sword (for Zelda!) and even a gun. Guess who is laughing now, with Sony’s PlayStation Move being late to the waggle controls game […]

Sony announces PlayStation Move bundles
Don’t own PlayStation Move yet, but have plans to pick one up? What better time to shop for one than this holiday season? At least that’s what Sony hopes that you’ll be thinking with the announcement of its brand new Move bundle. The company has just announced its latest Move bundle that gives PlayStation 3 owners the PlayStation Move motion controller, PlayStation Eye camera, and two Move-powered titles: Sports Champions […]

SOCOM 4 Is A Hardcore PlayStation Move + Sharp Shooter Game Done Right
The PlayStation Move might have gotten off to a slow start, skewing towards the casual gamer with more motion controlled sports games ala Wii Sports, but the tide’s changing. Last month’s release of Killzone 3 with support for PlayStation Move and the Sharp Shooter peripheral was just the beginning. Ubergizmo stopped by NYC’s Sony Style Store to check out SOCOM 4 with the motion controller in check and we came […]

Go bowling with CTA Digital
[CES 2011] Near where Lady Gaga performed at the Tiffen booth is CTA Digital with their range of video game accessories that had a fair number of visitors trying them out. Apart from the inflatable Mario Karts that deliver a more realistic experience, CTA Digital has also shown off the aptly named “Bowling Ball for PlayStation Move”. Of course, some of you might say that this resembles the Great Eye […]


PlayStation Move gets Sharp Shooter attachment
First person shooters used to be the bomb when played using a regular keyboard and mouse on a computer, but when it comes to arcades, using an actual replica of a gun ups the realism factor by a notch (or two). Well, with Sony’s PlayStation Move (PS Move) debuting recently and titles such as Killzone 3 and US Navy Seals SOCOM 4 ready to arrive early next year, it is […]

iFixit does teardown of PlayStation Move
Ever wondered what lay within the PlayStation Move that will soon be in living rooms of rabid PS3 owners in due time? Well, the good people at iFixit have managed to snag one of these new-fangled lollipop-like video game controllers for themselves, and taken it apart carefully. During the process of stripping it apart, it seems to be pretty easy to take apart and reassemble, so a novice shouldn’t need […]

CTA Digital glove peripheral for PlayStation Move
The PlayStation Move is still rather novel, and if you want to up the ante when it comes to realism while gaming, let CTA Digital help you in this aspect with their glove peripheral. The Ultimate Boxing Gloves will come with snug-fitting velcro pouches to make sure your Move controllers remain where they’re supposed to be even when you shake and move it in the most vigorous way possible. Apart […]

PlayStation Move controller alternative
Yes, just in case you were wondering, there is an alternative apart from forking out $30 for a PlayStation Move Navigation Controller. Don’t be surprised though at the answer – we’re talking about the regular DualShock controller which is something most folks who own a PS3 already have. After all, Anton Mikhailov did confirm at the PS Move announcement that the two controllers are interchangeable. Granted that this experience will […]

PlayStation Move Hands-On
PlayStation owners, rejoice! Soon you will stop hearing “when are you getting a Wii?” from your friends and family. Sony has just announced the PlayStation Move at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Presented last year at E3 (in fanfare), it is now a real product that will be sold as a bundle (game+ EyeToy webcam + PS Move) for $100. If you add the secondary controller, and make […]

Sony PlayStation Move announced
It won’t be immediate that you will be able to enjoy true motion controls on the Sony PS3, since the PlayStation Move platform will be hitting the gaming scene only sometime this fall. Finally, Sony seems to have seen the light where motion controls are concerned, but we are sure the PlayStation Move won’t come cheap – not as cheap as the Wii, anyways. After all, you will not only […]