I still remember how PS3 owners laughed at the Nintendo Wii when the latter came out with all sorts of casual gaming titles, being lambasted as offering “waggle controls” alongside a slew of plastic peripherals where you slot in the Wiimote such as a golf club, a sword (for Zelda!) and even a gun. Guess who is laughing now, with Sony’s PlayStation Move being late to the waggle controls game a few years late in the form of their most recent gaming peripheral release – the aptly called PlayStation Move Racing Wheel.

The name itself says it all, where you place your PlayStation Move motion controller right smack in the middle of this Racing Wheel, although I doubt that it will be able to live up to the claim of delivering you “the ultimate racing experience”. The PlayStation Move Racing Wheel is advertised to come with precise motion tracking for responsive handling of your vehicle, an innovative folding grip design, vibration feedback, alongside paddle shifters and motorcycle twist throttle controls for that added dose of realism. The asking price? $39.99. I wonder if the folks over at Logitech are snickering at the moment…

Come to think of it, it looks a whole lot less than a steering wheel, but more like a flight controller instead.

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